How to Litter Train a Puppy – Step by Step Guide

Learning how to litter train a puppy can be helpful if you live in an apartment or condo in a larger city. Surprised? Litter training is not just for cats anymore. It can also be useful anytime you want to make sure your puppy is not going on your carpets and hardwood floors. Here is a step by step guide to help you get your new puppy litter trained quickly.

1) Buy a shallow litter box and some kitty litter ~ Make sure that you pick out a litter box short enough for your puppy to climb in and out of. Get the kitty litter that clumps – it will help make clean up much easier!

2) Decide where to put the box ~ Think about where you want your litter box to go. Many people put it in the bathroom. This is because it is typically out of the way and will not be unsatisfied when guests come to your home.

3) Watch your puppy for signs ~ Every dog ​​has their own specific signs that the will show you when it is time for them to go to the bathroom. Typically, most dogs will begin sniffing at the ground while walking. It may take an accident or two for you to see what your particular dog's signals are.

4) Pick up the pup and get them to the litter box! ~ If you notice your pup giving you their signal, stop everything … grab your pup and run them to the litter box. Place them inside and allow them to go to the bathroom. You will have PLENTY of false alerts until you get the hang of it.

5) Be Consistent and Patient ~ Your puppy is going to have accidents. You must have patience and be consistent as to how you train them. If you yell at them, you will only have a more difficult time getting them to use the litter box as they will think that is somewhere bad.

Once they are litter trained, it will be time to get them potty trained outside.

Source by Laura Wilkes

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