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How to Keep Your RC Truck Clean?

Remote control trucks are fun to play with and they are enjoyed by both entry-level as well as serious hobbyist. With a wide choice of RC trucks available in the market to choose from today, many enthusiasts of this sport have also turned into avid collectors. Keeping a collection of these trucks of course involves some kind of maintenance and cleaning that is crucial for their long-term performance. In this article, you will be given clear information on a few effective ways to keep your RC truck clean.

Keep your RC truck air-filters clean by using small paint brush to sweep off the dirt that gets collected. Compressed air is another more efficient method to clean up the filters. But if you do not have the device, don’t worry. You can always make use a simple piece of cloth to do the job as it is good enough to wipe away the dusts. Keep in mind not to leave loose threads in the filters.

Keep the bottom of your RC clean from grime and dirt by utilizing the same method described above. The most common problem faced by hobbyists is dirt getting stuck at the screw heads beneath the chassis.  An alcohol (denatured) solution can be used for this purpose. All you need to do is spray the solution onto the screw heads and use a paper clip to pick up the dirt. Alternatively, a plain piece of cloth can help you do the same. However, it is best to use the denatured alcohol solution instead of a motor cleaner or alcohol solution as it works much better.

Keep the body of the RC truck free from grime and dirty spots. Hard-to-reach areas can easily be cleaned by using a used toothbrush to remove dirt. The same technique can be used to clear off the dirt from the body of the truck. Just keep it gentle as you do not want to scratch the paint with the bristle brush. A softer paint brush may be utilized alternately to prevent scratches from being made by the hard bristle brush.

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