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How to get more out of your new beading hobby

Here at My Beads, Australia, it is our mission to spread the love of beading. So we have put together a simple guide to aid you to get more out of your beading hobby, including ways to be more social and even make a small profit along the way!

1.) Beading Workshops. Almost all bead shops offer beading classes and workshops. These events are usually small, with no more then 8 or so people. They are a fun time to get together with like minded people and create something beautiful in a laid-back environment. What should you expect during a workshop? While every bead shop runs their classes differently, most follow a similar pattern. You should turn up early to ensure you have ample time to select your beads. The instructor will assist you in this – it can be a daunting task if you are a beginner!  When the class starts, your instructor will give you a written set of instructions. These are a great way to assist, but the best way is to watch and learn with beading! Once you have started, the class usually becomes more social – think lots of chatting and getting to know each other! At the end, you should have finished your piece or at least be able to take it home and finish it off. You’ve learnt a new skill plus made some friends!

2.) Bead Clubs. Once you’ve delved into the world of beading you won’t want to stop! Some say beading is like an addiction – we can’t talk, we’ve been doing it for 12 years here at My Beads Brisbane!. One fabulous and not too expensive way to feed your beading addiction is to join a bead club. Once again many bead shops offer this service at varying rates and frequencies. Bead Clubs basically work like this: You subscribe, and are billed on a regular basis (we bill once per month). You are then privy to special access – special competitions, special products, special discounts and the best bit? You are sent a wonderful box filled to the brim with beading goodies once per month. Our bead boxes are themed – for example, our first ever box was themed “Life’s a Beach” and contained a beautiful selection of beachy related beads and findings. Rope beads, coral, shell beads, coconut, starfish pendants! It was truly wonderful seeing all the designs our amazing customers came up with.

3.) Markets. If you truly want to take your beading to the next level, why not try selling some of your designs at the market? Market stalls are relatively cheap to set up and are also very social. It’s great to get out there and meet your customers and get feedback on your designs. You’ll also be mingling with other crafts people and artists and are guaranteed to have a great time! Plus, you may even make a little profit along the way. What better way to pay for your beading addiction!

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