How To Easily Create Your Very Own Fleece Blanket

Polar fleece blankets evoke images of feeling cozy and warm on a cold winter's night. While many people feel it is too time consuming to make a blanket, a person who enjoys crafting will find this project enjoyable. You can make a polar fleece blanket providing you have a little time and talent to spare.

Surprisingly, you do not even need to sew. Fleece does not unravel. Cheaper quality fleeces may pill (shed fuzz balls) but it will never unravel. You can make a polar fleece blanket with only the fabric and a good pair of scissors. It truly is that simple.

Start by selecting a high quality fleece. Look for a fleece that is thick, tightly woven, and does not show signs of shedding into small balls of fuzz. Typically, a good quality fleece will cost between $ 15 and $ 20. Shopping online can save you money because there are many stores competing with each other. They want your business and will drastically cut prices to ensure they get it.

Choose enough fabric to match the desired length of the blanket. If you will be using it on the bed, allow for overhang that can be tucked in on each side and near the foot end of the bed. Typically add ten to twelve inches along the length and width of your bed. If you will be adding fringe to your blanket, plan to add an additional twelve inches to the blank's top, bottom, and side dimensions.

Once you have purchased your fabric, turn it upside down on a large table or on the surface of the floor. Trim the edges of the fabric so that they are even. If you planned to create a blank without fringing, you are done.

Otherwise, use a yardstick and a fabric pen and start drawing horizontal lines about six inches from each edge of the blanket. Next, draw vertical lines down from the horizontal lines. Space these lines about to to of of an inch apart depending on your personal preference. Continue this process until each edge has vertical lines from the main line to the edge.

Using fabric shears, cut along each edge. Continue cutting until you have fringe on each side. For a whimsical feel for any child or infant's blanket, use the zig zagged pinking shears.

A polar fleece blanket is the easiest "sewing" project in the universe. It is an excellent craft project for children of all ages, as no needle is required. A cozy fleece blanket can be a thoughtful, easy gift for any occasion. Beat a winter's chill by having a fleece blanket on hand. The best part is that you can tell everyone that you made it yourself.

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