How Do I Stop My Puppy Barking

In this short article I am going to outline a few simple ways to help you stop your puppy barking.

The first thing you should realize is that barking is your puppy's main form of communication. You will eventually learn his "bathroom bark" from him "bored bark" and his "hungry bark." When your puppy barks at you, do not immediately reprimand him. Stop and figure out what your puppy wants, since most dogs do not bark without good reason. When you determine the reason for your puppy's barking, fix the situation so he will stop. For example, if Fido needs water and gives you his "thirsty bark," go fill his water bowl. If he still insists on barking and has no other needs, give your command in a firm voice ("no" and "stop" are not acceptable commands "try" quiet "instead).

When your puppy stops barking, reward him with praise and a treat. If your puppy refuses to stop barking, try alternative measures, such as squirting him with water from a spray bottle. This will shock him and stop your puppy barking.

Do not forget to use your command and praise him once he stops barking. Another method is to use a tin can filled with pebbles, coins, or anything else that will elicit a loud sound. This sudden noise will startle your puppy and cause him to stop barking. It is not appropriate to yell or hit your puppy when he is barking. Remember, dogs bark for a reason. It is your responsibility as a dog owner to identify the reason why your puppy is barking and do your best to fix the situation. If you receive notice from your neighbors that you puppy barks all day while you are away, he is probably lonely or bored. Try arranging a way for you to come home on your break to play with him and take him outside or arrange a friend, family member, or pet service to visit your pup.

So remember, it is not difficult to stop your puppy barking at all. You just need a bit of time and TLC.

Source by Steve G Parker

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