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How Can Stampin Up Benefit You?

Stampin Up Overview:

According to the Stampin Up website, it was founded in 1988 by Shelli Gardner and her sister. The company is headquartered in Utah and has 500 staff members. They have expanded their company to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, France, and Germany. Stampin Up brings in more than 100 new stamp sets and accessories yearly in its full-color Idea Book & Catalog.

Stampin Up is a direct sales company that has been around for 16 years. It is a 200 million dollar company.

Products Of Stampin Up:

Basically, Stampin Up offers various products of stamps as well as accessories for home-based decor, handmade greeting cards, scrapbook pages, and more. Their product line includes:

– Rubber stamps
– Card stock paper
– Embellishments (ribbon, brads, buttons, Eyelets, and Rub-Ons)
– Ink-Cetera (pads, ink, markers, watercolors, pastel, cartridges)
– Stampin Memories (scrapbook memory products)
– Definitely Decorative (custom home decor)
– Tools (adhesives, applicators, cleaners, cutters, punches, and more)
– Storage (Organize space using Stampin Up storage options)

Stampin Up Opportunities:

Stampin Up promotes its products by means of home demonstrators. As a demonstrator you host parties and invite family, friends, etc. You invite people over to show them the an assortment of techniques and products by Stampin Up.

If you believe that you don’t have the skills for crafts, Stampin Up’s demonstrators come in all levels of expertise and with scores of available resources that is provided by Stampin Up, if you have a passion for crafting, you can succeed as a demonstrator.

The Benefits Of Being A Demonstrator:

– Get Product discounts. As much as a 20% discount on all Stampin Up products, including the stamp sets, paper, and accessories.
– bonus Income. You earn cash from the sales and recruiting.
– Variable Hours; after all, this is your business.
– Support from Stampin Up.

To become a demonstrator, you need to buy the Starter Kit. Inside the Starter Kit are:
– Five complete stamp sets
– A Stampin Around Wheel, handle, and ink cartridge
– Stampin Pastels
– Card Stock
– Eastern Blooms Decor Elements and applicator tool
– Five Classic Stampin Pads
– VersaMark Pad
– Stampin Scrub and Mist
– Blender pens
– Business forms and tools

To signup as a Stampin Up demonstrator, you get in touch with a domonstrator that presented to you the opportunity or use the Demonstrator Locator to find you a demonstrator near you.

Compensation Plan

Stampin Up compensation plan is very comprehensive. To learn about it will require you to do your own due diligence. The company does offer an explaination along with a table of the compensation plan. To gain knowledge of the pay plan will entail you to visit their web site.

Some Alarming News:

I did come across some information that acknowledged that Stampin Up is having some financial problems because of the recent economic climate. The article stated Stampin Up employees were being laid off. Stampin Up had a 10% decrease in sales over the past two years, which has forced them to make this difficult choice. How correct is the information is up in the air. This specific article was written in March 2009, so things could possibly be improved now, but again, this is why it is essential to do your own home work before moving ahead with any resolve about an opportunity, even one with as much history as Stampin Up.


Generally speaking, Stampin Up seems to be a viable company, for those interested, to create either part time or full time income. Remembering the issue of layoffs, the company has managed to come through a lot, this acknowlegement stems from the fact that it started in 1988. For a direct sales or network marketing company, this is a long time. Most network marketing companies fall short within the first 2-3 years.

One thing absent is training provided by Stampin Up. They do provide trainings on learning various strategies for creating arts and crafts projects, but not much on generating customers. Unless you have a large list of family and friends, you are going to experience difficulties in finding people to invitate to your demonstrations. You will more than likely need to acquire communication skills that that will enable you to talk to people. I know most people will always feel uncomfortable chatting with strangers, either face to face or over the phone. If you are one of these individuals who dislikes engaging in “belly to belly” marketing approach, there is another way to creating success in your Stampin Up business.

If you enjoy using the computer and learning new, more technical skills, you can learn online marketing skills that can allow you to generate leads and customers for your Stampin Up business. You could also be earning an income while learning these skills.

Most online marketing systems do offer trainings and online webinars so that you can gain knowledge of how to market with the internet. The better marketing systems also provide, what is referred to as a, “Sales Funnel”, to help you create an income while you are learning how to create a business on the internet. Marketing systems are the new wave of the direct sales and network marketing industry. This is because of the boost in popularity of the internet and its ability to give online entrepreneurs a way to connect with millions of people per day, online. If you find that doing primarily offline marketing strategies is a struggle for you, using an online marketing system, just might be the one thing missing in your business success.

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