How a Heated Cat Bed Can Make Your Cat Happy

Every cat owner understands the importance of proper feline care – keeping it warm, well-fed, and happy. This usually consist of simple catnip toys, dry cat food, and the occasional treatment. However, heated cat beds never come to mind!

If you live up north, you obviously understand how cold it can get in the winter months. We have to keep the heater on, wear many layers of clothing, and wrap ourselves in blankets when we go to sleep. Cats do not have that luxury!

The fur on their back is the only "coat" they get, and it must be effective all year. Because of this, cats are not able to get as warm as they need. Just like we use blankets every night, cats need a heated cat bed.

If you are in the south, where it's warmer than the north – it can still get cold. While it may not reach the freezing temperatures up north, your cat's fur coat can not conserve enough heat to keep it comfortable all night long.

Even during the summertime, we keep our air-conditioning running 24/7. This 72 degree air is colder than a cat considers comfortable, so a warm cozy bed is still wanted and appreciated.

As a cat owner myself, I understand the want and need to pamper and spoil my pets – after all, they are part of the family! However, giving any cat or dog the proper, comfortable place to sleep is not excessive – it's absolutely necessary for the well-being of any pet.

Source by John Razmus

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