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House Training a Puppy – Easy Tips

Don’t let the idea of house training a puppy delay you in starting one of the most important behaviors in you and your dogs life. Once you get started, it’s actually a lot of fun with potty training only the beginning. The fact that you’re thinking about this important behavior sets you apart from many puppy owners.

********** TRAINING DEFINITION **********

Don’t confuse house training with crate training. House training is your dogs learned behavior that associates positive reactions to going outside to use the bathroom. Crate training is the most successful METHOD of teaching or communicating the house training behavior.

This training method using crate training makes it much easier for your pet to associate what you want them to do with your positive response. Now for a few house training a puppy tips that work.

TIP #1
Believe it or not, dogs only have a very limited vocabulary. Once again, they’re not complex animals so you need to use a single command that means the same thing each time.

Have patience. You’re working with an animal that you want to grow to love and respect you not be filled with fear and worry. Your long term relationship with a companion dog will be based on your time together with her. Training time is especially important and you want it to be pleasant.

Yelling in anger at your dog can make them afraid of you and mistrustful. It can cause your Dog to hide in another room to go to the bathroom. Yelling, hitting and threatening your pet only results in setting up a relationship based on fear and not trust and enjoying being together.

Crate Training is not the same as penning up your puppy inside the house. Rather, it’s a way for you to keep control of your pet in a humane and safe way. Crate training is a day and night effort until your puppy understands what’s expected and can hold their waste for more than a few hours. This means that puppies will wake you at night to go out but it’s only for a few weeks and this is actually a good thing when house breaking.

For those necessary night time house training a puppy rituals, you really need to consider a lightweight and extremely portable doggie crate, only available from the links below. Want to keep your pet in the same room but lugging those hard plastic or wire cages around to hard? Get a lightweight portable doggie crate and maintain house breaking control while having your best friend close.

If you are serious about successfully house breaking your Dog, you need a lightweight, portable and easy to use doggie crate. For more information about the latest in easy to set up and move dog crate, visit the link below. After all, don’t you want to make house training a puppy as easy for both you and your dog as possible? Having your pup close is great especially if you no longer need to carry around a heavy metal cage or bulky plastic crate.

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