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Low cost alerts for your home can be as effective as more expensive systems without sending you to the poor house. You want to prevent an intruder from doing his thing-getting into your house.

Here are some sobering statistics. In the last year that the Bureau of Justice released crime statistics (2004)

– 77% of all crime was property related

– On average nearly 17% of all crime domiciles were violated by a burglar

–In 85% of burglaries, the offender gained entry into the house or other building.

Ask any expert in the field and they will tell you that 90% of all burglaries are preventable. So if the odds are so good that it will happen to you and it is such a preventable event-what is it you have to do to stop the burglars?

You can spend thousands of dollars to get an electricity security system for sure. Or you can get a great one for a $ 99.00 installation fee. Sometimes the best home security is implemented when you are the one making the assessment and using common sense and some simple devices. However in all fairness there are so many products out there it can be confusing as to which one (s) you should get or use.

Here are some simple, easy to use, inexpensive and EFFECTIVE home protection products that will definitely discourage or flat out stop a potential intruder from entering your house. It is not a complete list but one which will go a long way to stopping the bad guys from getting into your home.

1. A Motion Alert that uses infrared technology to detect motion in a selected area.

2. A Magnetic Door Alarm -110 db strong alarm activated by opening a door or window-great for sliding glass doors.

3. A Window Alert-a 95 db alarm activated by the slightest vibration on the glass.

4. An adjustable door brace that prevents entry for even sliding doors.

Low cost alerts and home protection devices can be very effective at stopping the bad guys from gaining entry to your home. Why risk the chance of a burglary when it can be so easily prevented?

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