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Hobby storage cabinets for the 21st centur

Every hobbyist needs accurate storage solutions, from wire shelves to plastic storage bins. With the focus these days on home makeovers and de-cluttering your home, the need for good, effective storage solutions has never been greater. This list of storage solutions for the “big five” hobbies that cause the most clutter (namely scrapbooking, mechanical repairs, fly-fishing, arts and crafts and DIY), will expand your knowledge of how to keep your rooms tidy!

  • Scrapbooking

This hobby is taking the world by storm! All around the nation women (and men) are getting together to create long-lasting memories on boards and in books that will appeal to all age groups. Some do it for their own keepsakes, some do it for gifts for others, but all do it for their pleasure. However, what is not such a great aspect of this hobby is the clutter that comes with it. From pencils to paper, scissors to stickers, clutter abounds with this craft. Make sure you know which storage container is right for you!

  1. Deep satchels: The traditional “sewing box” storage container offers a multiplicity of locations for your pens and stickers. However, not all satchels are wide or long enough for your needs, so shop around before you invest.
  2. Interlocking storage cabinets: Divide and conquer with these modular cabinets. Each cabinet has deep drawers, dividing your clutter into visible sections while enabling you to customise your cabinets in any way that suits you. For effective storage, the interlocking capabilities of these cabinets and drawers allow you to add and detract as you see fit!

For an effective storage solution for your hobby room, either of these two solutions will aid in your de-cluttering campaign!

  • Mechanical repairs

For those of you with bigger aspirations for your vehicle, storage solutions must be large and easily cleaned unless you appreciate the stains of grease and oil. As most mechanical repairs take place in the garage of your home, the storage should effectively take the clutter away from the floor and up onto the walls or roof. From hammers to hinges, oil canisters to spare spark plugs, there is a large, easily cleanable storage solution for you!

  1. Tip out bins: Plastic bins that are able to tip out are perfect for larger implements of your hobby. For instance, clear plastic storage bins are an ideal way of storing delicates which need to be viewed before they are pulled off the shelf.
  2. The correct shelving makes all the difference! Wire shelving is an excellent solution for any heavy material, as it can take the knocks and support the heavy materials that an ordinary shelf may not be able to handle.
  3. A workshop is a messy environment. This is where having a thick plastic bin comes into play. Having a bin made from black material hides the dirt and grime which is ever-present. Stackable storage crates also minimises the amount of space needed and provide a neat solution for a cramped environment.
  • Comic book collecting

Yes it’s true; the tried and tested method of storing comic books in cardboard boxes is officially passé. Water, dust and nosy little brothers are all capable of damaging your most valuable Spiderman or Superman comics.

  1. Do not forget to use acid-free backing boards when sealing your comics in their plastic covers. Your safest bet would be to then store them in stackable storage containers for safekeeping.

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