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Hobbies – Natural Relief Tips for Overworked Arms and Elbows!

Maybe you play music, build things, or enjoy crafts. Some hobbies require extra work from your arm muscles. Do your tendons and muscles get overworked from your favorite activities?

When we use our arm muscles for hobbies, we risk getting soft tissue injuries. Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSIs) are common when hobbies require repetitive movement and muscle patterns. Tendon pain in the arm, elbow or wrist may be an early sign of an RSI.

But there are several ways to relieve tendon pain naturally and prevent soft tissue damage. For best results, follow each step for several months:

* Warm up muscles before activity. Shake your arms rigorously. Move them around in different directions. Get the blood and oxygen flowing.

* Stretch. Warm up before you first stretch. Take stretch breaks during activity. Then follow your session with a long stretch.

Practice static stretches. These are stretches in which you hold for 10-30 seconds, feeling a deep pull. You should feel like you are stretching a rubber band taut.

If your arms are overworked, or always tight, then you might feel tingling or numbness as you stretch. But regular sensation should return within one minute of releasing from the stretch.

* Learn stretches for the arms and forearms. You’ll want to learn specific stretches, including those for biceps, shoulders, and wrists.

* Strengthen opposing muscles. For example, if you usually use the arms in flexed, twisting positions, focus on strengthening the muscles that extend and unravel, like the triceps. If you are always leaning forward, for more details visit to rounding your shoulders and upper-back, then work on making your upper-back muscles stronger.

* Think of your posture. When your chest is tight, and your shoulders are slumped, this puts a strain on your neck and front-body. Muscles, for more details visit to nerves and other tissues become restricted. Improving your posture will restore blood flow and tissue integrity.

* Get regular aerobic exercise. Blood and oxygen flow are crucial for good health in our bodies. Aerobic exercise affects our whole bodies and all of our tissues.

* Apply ice and basic first aid care. Ice, or cold compresses, can provide instant relief to overworked muscles. Remember: pain is usually a sign of inflammation. Cool the flame!

* Massage fatigued arms. Refresh blood supply and relieve tension. Aahh.

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