Hobbies Are Heroes

Activities after school are a great way to focus your time and energy to a subject that you will actually quite fancy giving some attention to. A treat, something to look forward to, a change from your school, college or universities lessons and routine.

Undertaking a hobby can help to keep you motivated and focused on your other work, it can act as a break in your routine and keep you focused and motivated. It will also reflect positively on your character by demonstrating that you are a self-motivated, inspired individual that is dedicated to an additional cause beyond what is expected of you. You will also be able to effectively put into practice and occasionally improve your time management skills. All of these characteristics in a person are extremely desirable and can also strengthen your all-important job or university applications.

Now what to choose? Make sure that you choose to invest your time wisely, pick a hobby that you're likely to enjoy and be stimulated to stick to! Either choose an activity that can improve your skill set, adding to your existing attributes, sometimes a sport or a language, maybe even volunteer work? Or choose something that you are certain you will enjoy and be capable of, reducing the risk of giving up to quickly!

It is important to take into consideration the costs that are involved your chosen hobby, how much are lessons? Will you need to buy any equipment? Can you or your parents afford it? A great tip is to look for used or discounted equipment online or ask your friends and family if they have any equipment that they are willing to lend you.

Taking on an extra curricular activity can be very sociable, an opportunity to meet new people, who are likely to share your interests. It is also a chance to meet people from different backgrounds, and walks of life. You will gain valuable life experience and also create contacts that could be useful in other areas of your life.

As you can see there are many positive reasons to get involved with an extra curricular activity, great for both you and your career, choose wisely and enjoy!

Source by AJ Handley

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