Handmade Paper

You have lots of stuffs in your room and all seemed to be messed up. Spending a whole day cleaning it wouldn’t be enough even. There are old books, magazines and even pieces of bond and colored paper around and you plan to dispose them. Donate those instead to the orphanage along with your other stuffed toys. There are civic organizations also that would be very glad to accept used but wearable clothing. With the change in season, you may not find those clothes useful. But you can always keep those for the coming of the said season if you are patient enough thus, giving you great savings as you don’t have to buy new set of clothes.

Aside from those items, small pieces of paper have been made a huge pile. Planning to throw them away on the garbage bin would be very impractical. Thus, you ponder for a moment and sat at the corner of your room while staring at those heaps. You placed the books and magazines in boxes and labeled them and did the same thing with your clothes. Now they are ready to be donated. You take a look at the corner again and then a huge grin appeared from your face. That is because a brilliant idea has finally come to your mind. Why not reuse them or make something that is really useful out of those trashes? You can make your own paper instead.

Making your own paper is not as difficult as you might imagine for there are step by step instructions that are readily available on how to make it. Aside from that, making your own paper is a greatly fun and exciting activity that you could indulge into. It also opens up all kinds of possibilities for recycling, allowing you to create individual projects from waste materials thereby contributing much on saving the environment from the ill-effects of pollution and other environmental hazards. With your new activity, you only need to have to explore your creativity. Use a shredder for those bigger sheets. Prepare your silk screen also along with other materials such as shredded paper and roses that have been dried but kept their beauty. Now you are ready to make your own handmade paper. You should know that different paper pulp mixtures will result in different papers and even those that do not turn out quite as planned will leave their own charm.

Source by Michelle Anne Leah Custodio

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