Guanacaste, Costa Rica – An Ideal Location For A Hobby Farm

Living in Costa Rica is a good decision. Living in Guanacaste is a better decision.

Now make the best decision of all and buy a small farm in Guanacaste in Costa Rica.

You may never have considered buying a small farm, perhaps you're not a farmer. That's OK, but just because its a small farm now, does not mean it has to be a small farm forever. Buying a small farm gives you the flexibility to turn it into something that you'll be proud of, or to do nothing at all with it. It's really up to you. After all, it's your dream to live in paradise, and paradise is what you make it.

Let's look at the possibilities available to you when you buy a small farm in the hills of Guanacaste. First, the climate is temperate and the views can be breathtaking. A small rural acreage can give you the opportunity to just enjoy nature, with very little work involved. Buying a small farm with a small house can let you live Pura Vida-the Pure Life. Even if you do nothing to the land except enjoy the scenery, the solitude, the views; and the wildlife, you will have an investment that should increase in value, while you retain a bit of land for the future.

You can continue to operate a small hobby farm without being overwhelmed with all the duties needed to manage a large scale operation. Picture yourself as a gentleman farmer, overseeing the operation of a riding facility, or a small commercial orchard, or a mixed use farm operation. Even if you do not have the background to manage an agricultural operation, you can easily hire local experts to assist you with your endeavor. From experts in any agricultural field to the labor required to carry out your vision, you will be able to hire the help you need, locally and inexpensively.

A small Guanacaste farm may be your opportunity to develop a charming Bed & Breakfast and share your piece of paradise with others. Maybe a health spa, or a Yoga retreat has long been a dream of yours, allowing you to help others get more enjoyment out of life. Finding the perfect spot in a pastoral setting with a moderate climate will afford you a great opportunity to leave your mark on the world. Helping others to live better or enjoy life more can be rewarding in and of itself.

Maybe you're looking for an investment to fund your retirement (your real retirement, not just changing jobs retirement). Buying a small farm on the Nicoya Peninsula in the right location can help you realize that dream, too. You can become a real estate investor and developer and continue to live the dream. With the right property in the right location you can subdivide the property, sell off smaller lots and live on the remaining lot free and clear. Being able to live in the location of your dreams, debt free, makes living in paradise even more satisfying.

Living in Costa Rica can be whatever you want it to be. You can make your dream come true, whatever that specific dream may be. Let us help you realize your dream by helping you find the perfect place in paradise.

Source by Jason Sumner

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