Great Theme Ideas for the Photo Book (Film, Singer, Music, Hobbies)

A photo book is a great way to showcase various interests, hobbies and events. By creating a photo orientated record we can make it far more interesting than words or pictures alone. To make the best out of your book I recommend choosing a theme to stick with through. Otherwise your creation may end up looking jumbled and disorganized.

So what is meant by picking a theme? A theme could be any topic that interests you. Here are a couple of theme ideas:

Films – If you have a film or films you like, you could choose to make a photo book about them. For example, you may use screen shots from a film, or even pictures that you have taken while on vacation, of the studio pieces used in the film.

Or you could recreate possible key symbols used through the films and photograph them. A lot of films have symbols which are unique to the film in question yet easily mimicked and understandable in context.

Intermixed with pictures from the films, you could create a book highlighting your favorite features in various films.

Singers – If you have favorite singers or a singer you could choose to make a photo book about them. Regardless of whether they are small local singers or international hit sensations, there is generally an abundance of pictures of them available. And if you have traveled to their concerts yourself you can add your own pictures which gives it even more meaning.

You may wish to dedicate portions of your book to each of your favorite singers. Or you may want to dedicate the entire book to a single artist. Regardless of how you go about it, remember to try to keep it reliably well organized, for example, sorting by their concerts, if not by individual singer.

Creating a photo book on your favorite singer or singers is a great way to show your friends the passion for their music.

Music – If you like music then you can make a photo book about it. The options for it are huge, as there are many different types of music. You could choose to make a book on rock, and have pictures of electric guitars, drums, basses or concerts you have attended. Or you could choose to make a book on classical music with pictures of classical instruments and classical concerts you have attended.

Whether you have been to a lot of concerts or just love music in general, a photo book is a great way to showcase to your friends your love for music.

Hobbies – This is one of the best themes to make your photo book on. No matter what your hobby you can generally showcase it in a book. For example, if your hobby is baking you could make a book about the things you have baked. You could even make your own cookbook. If your hobby is tramping then there is sure to be plenty of beautiful locations that you have photographed and can add to your book.

Regardless of what theme you chose the key thing is to create a photo book which is relatively organized. Since you will generally be limited to the number of pages you can use, the goal is to create an informative and interesting book with the space you have by using your best pictures. But do not worry. It's pretty easy and you will find once you start your book will effectively put itself together and be a lot of fun too.

Source by Tatyana Helleland

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