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Gizmos … items that are both appealing and useful, that awe us with their functionality, and win our heart with their charm. That is the frustrating thing with the word gizmo, its origins was intended to serve as a catch all phrase for the various pieces of machinery found in the engine room of US Navy submarines, and so can be applied to anything.

The word has various synonyms including gadgets, widgets etc all used with a degree of warm affection, typically used to denote a particular item or device that is very useful, often show ingenious design and which leave us wondering just how on earth we managed to cope and survive without them.

Do you have a smoking habit, and just can not seem to kick the habit? Perhaps your willpower is just not enough to resist the temptation allure of just one cigarette, and you could really do with a warning voice to just say no. If this sounds like you, then why not buy the rather nifty shocking lighter?

Every time you go to light up a cigarette using the lighter, you will receive a mild (not harmful) shock, which will serve as a rather useful took in solidifying your willpower and helping you to better tackle your smoking habit.

Fond of candles? Enjoy the fragrant smell they create, the tranquil and cozy ambience they set, as they let you relax and make the stresses of the world just float normally away? Candles are great … until they melt, get stuck to every single possible surface in your house, as well as your clothes.

More than that, they present a hazard, both to children and pets, as well to the general surroundings. Finally, but by no means the last issue, is that typical candles melt, and have to be restocked as well as cleaned up.

LED candles are then simply noticeable options, they offer the same gentle atmospheric presence that ordinary candles offer, as well as being totally 100% safe and clean. The typical LED candle will last for up to 100,000 hours before having to be replaced, a major improvement from the rather lackluster 5-12 hours with an ordinary candle.

Sometimes we need to release ourselves (painful as it maybe) from the luxuriously wonderful depths of sleep and face the stresses of the day. Our torment is helped by the ear piercing siren shriek that most digital clocks insist on using to rouse us from sleep, so why not wake up to your favorite song?

iPod alarm clocks are ideal for this, they incorporated speakers into the actual clock so you can hear it, and any of the ipod models (nano, video, shuffle etc) can be utilized. Best of all, the ipod alarm clock does not need any batteries and you will not need to recharge it, as the clock runs directly from the mains power supply. Such clocks also come with a minute sleep function for those of us who simply CANT face the world.

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