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Animals, since time immemorial have always been a pleasure to possess. Ask an animal lover about the type of pet he wishes to have and out comes the desire for a dog. Dogs have been the best friends of humans and are acknowledged for their loyalty towards humans. They are used everywhere and have been popular as guards at wartimes, detectives in police raids and most beautifully as pets that bark at strangers. While one breed of dogs stands out from the rest and has been on the wish lists of many animal owners. Well, breaking the suspense, have you heard of the "schnauzer"? The animal buff definitely has.

The Schnauzer or the giant schnauzer puppies was first seen in the 19th century in the Bavarian and Württemberg locations of Germany. The name originates from the German idiom for "moustache" since the dogs' typically have hairy muzzles. It was a trendy herding variety, but its want for additional food than multiple breeds made it unpopular for farmers on tense finances or with insufficient assets. It was worked as an armed forces dog. It became sparse at a stage in the World War II, but its fame rose yet again subjected to the combat, working as a drover and as a guard dog. Other prominent name gifted to this breed in early times was "Riesenschnauzer", "Russian Bear Schnauzer" (early1900s).

The giant schnauzer puppies [] is sturdy, rectangular in manifestation, and drawn out; contracting something concluding from the ears to the eyes, and from the eyes to the tip of the nose too. The whole length of the cranium is about one-half the length of the back. The nose is bulky and black. The lips are taut, do not overlap and again black. Lips blend with the white teeth perfectly. The jaws are dominant and well twisted. While the ears are cropped, indistinguishable in shape and extend with piercing tips. They are not blown up in length. There eyes are of an average size, dim brunette, and cadaverous. They are elliptical in pretense and eager in expression with eyelids just appropriate. Their neck is well-built, of reasonable length and with the skin fitting stalwartly at the esophagus; in synchronization with the dog's heaviness and construct. The sound, dependable nature, craggy build, and thick weather-defiant lean outer make them one of the most valuable, potential, and long-term effective breeds.

Three types of schnauzers generally exist:

Miniature Schnauzer: 15 inches

Standard Schnauzer: Females 17-20 inches

Giant Schnauzer 23.5- 25.5 Inches

The massive Schnauzer has an unkind, tough external fleece and thick, spongy undercoat. Back remains solid and even. The Giant Schnauzer is a hefty, strong, dominant dog who desires a stiff, steady but pleasant supervisor. Calm, observant, brave, deeply devoted to kin, mischievous, likable in repose, and an authoritative stature when provoked. Needless bleakness will surely do injury. Like most outsized breeds, it needs a reasonable quantity of work out.

Early and regular working out is indispensable as the Giant Schnauzer has a tendency to be very unruly. Its talent to comprehend a command does not at all times interpret into compliance. Giant Schnauzers are very faithful and bright dogs. They frequently happen to get so close to their master that they go behind them everywhere. They may even suffer health problems if not taken care of and trained well. Some diseases that may get caught up with may be;

1. Autoimmune diseases namely AIHA – autoimmune hemolytic anemia, SLO, hypothyroidism, IMHA – Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia, Crohn's disease, etc

2. Epilepsy

3. Incontinence

4. Toe cancer

So the trainer needs to be well educated about the training methods. If not the rare schnauzer can be endangered. It is therefore important to be familiar it's nurturing and training before hand. So the Giant Schnauzer is a dog to look for if you are ready to accept the challenge of training it. If you are a know-it-all type of dog enthusiast then I am sure you will be looking to add some bit of information here. Anyways, the next time you happen to see a thief run out of hands hire a Giant Schnauzer and use this detective to get away with embezzlement.

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