Get Rid Of the PC Security 2011 Virus – Eliminate the Malware That Does Not Provide PC Security

When it comes to PC security, one of the most dangerous threats out there is viruses and malware that we are not even aware of. Designed to silently hide on web sites and then a visitor stops by attempt to use vulnerabilities in the Windows operating system, viruses such as PC security 2011 gain access to your computer and to install them without your knowledge.

Once on your computer, changes will be made to your computers settings so that this malware will run every time your computer is started up and without your permission.

The reason PC security 2011 does this is so that your computer will be "scanned" every time you start your PC and provide scan results that show you your computer is totally compromised by several different types of viruses and malware and all of this is fake and to stop this you need to get rid of PC security 2011 quickly.

These scan results are created to make it look as if your computer is in desperate need of some help from PC Security 2011, ut that is not the only tactic this malicious software uses.

You will also be given a continuous stream of warning messages that look and sound as if they are either coming from your computer in an attempt to provide you with ample warning of possible issues on your computer.

One of the most annoying features of this malware is its ability to disrupt the normal functioning of your computer by blocking programs from being able to open or function properly. It is designed to stop any program that has been deemed "dangerous" to the survival of the malware you will instead be given a message that tell you:

Warning – The program you are trying to run has been terminated. This has been done to protect the security and stability of your computer due to the presence of a virus. This virus has been known to transmit personal and private data to an unknown location.

With warning messages such as those plus the other warnings and issues you are having with your computer you will more than likely be worried that if you do not purchase the software your computer will be totally compromised. The only way to stop this properly is to get rid of PC security 2011.

How do you get rid of this malware?

All you need to do is follow these simple steps

1. Start your computer in safe mode. to do this press the f8 key on your keyboard before windows starts and go into safe mode with networking.

2. Open your internet browser and download and run a system and registry scanner.

3. Perform a full scan on your system and remove any malware. This will also help you to stop and get rid of PC security 2011 quickly. Following these steps will keep your computer running safer and faster.

Source by James Randell

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