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Genuine Pigment Dyed Apparel: a Versatile Alternative for Resorts and Churches

Genuine pigment dyed apparel is incredibly popular because of its beneficial qualities.  Not only do the colors maintain their vibrancy, but the genuine pigment dye can be applied to almost any kind of clothing. If you are part of a church, or want to purchase uniform-type clothing for a resort, genuine pigment dyed clothing is a durable and viable option. Our genuine pigment dyed range in a top seller for good reason!

Genuine Pigment Dyed Apparel Ideal for Many Purposes

There are many diverse jobs and tasks which need to be completed on a resort, and there is no one type of apparel to effectively suit all of them. The beauty of genuine pigment dyed apparel is that it is available in an infinite amount of styles for women, men, and children of all shapes and sizes. This means that though your staff will not be necessarily wearing the exact same items of clothing, they will be easily recognizable when our heat transfers or embroidery has been added to their genuine pigment dyed apparel.

Considerations to Make When Purchasing Genuine Pigment Dyed Clothing

– Size: Your employees or congregation come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, which means that the genuine pigment dyed clothing has to fit all of them. Our genuine pigment dyed apparel comes in at least five different sizes to ensure that your workers feel comfortable in their clothing, and nobody is excluded.

– Color: The beauty of genuine pigment dyed apparel is the sheer amount of sensational colors that can be purchased. Whether you are looking for unisex colors to allow your resort staff to match, or colors to match your company emblem, every item in our genuine pigment dyed range is available in more than six different colors. It can be helpful to allow your staff or congregation some input into the colors that they feel most comfortable wearing.

– Style: Genuine pigment dyed styles vary greatly. Some of our apparel is hand-sprayed to give a tone-on-tone appearance, while other items are solid blocks of color. We provide genuine pigment dyed V-neck t-shirts, polo shirts, long sleeved shirts, short sleeved shirts, vest tops, sweaters, and cardigans. This means that you are able to benefit from the durability and versatility of a genuine pigment dyed top, regardless of the season.

– Endurance: Whether you are purchasing genuine pigment dyed apparel for staff, or asking your congregation to purchase their own, it is important that the clothing is durable. Many fabrics look good initially, but begin to fade or stretch after the first wash. Genuine pigment dyed apparel is known for its ability to look great after every wash, and the double hems protect the edges of the garments from fraying and tearing.

Genuine pigment dyed apparel continues to enjoy color vibrancy much longer than most of its counterparts. Whether you are in a church congregation and want a meaningful slogan embroidered on the shirt, or you are purchasing genuine pigment dyed apparel for a resort and want a logo or website emblazoned onto the apparel, genuine pigment dyed clothing is the best option.

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