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Freebiejeebies Referral Hack

This article attempts to explain to those of you out there who want to cheat the freebiejeebies system that no matter which freebiejeebies hack or referral generator you try to use, you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

There are many youtube videos and websites that try to entice new freebiejeebies users into signing up under a specific ‘special’ link, with the promise that by doing so, you can hack the system and get numerous freebiejeebies referrals. As a seasoned user of freebiejeebies, with over £6000 worth of free gadgets to my name, I can catagorically, 100%, state that there is no such thing as a freebiejeebies hack. Sorry.

The magical freebiejeebies hack you think you are getting is simply a scam artist, pretending that their referral link is special. When you sign up using that link, all you are doing is acting as one of their referrals. You get nothing special from it. They think they are getting a referral.

Let’s take a step back here. Freebiejeebies is a company that provides its users with free gadgets ranging from free iPhones to free iTunes codes or even free games consoles. The business model is based on freebiejeebies using affiliate marketing to earn money from various companies. The end user (you) earn your free gadgets by doing their advertising on freebiejeebies’ behalf. When a new user signs up to freebiejeebies, they need to complete one advertiser’s offer (this is usually a free trial of something). That advertiser then has a potential new customer and in return pays freebiejeebies a small commission. Freebiejeebies then pass that commission on (minus their own commission) to you. So, for every new person you can persuade to sign up, using your own unique link, you earn £20. Build up a few of these commissions and you will soon be on your way to earning your first free gadgets.

This type of marketing has been around for some time, and freebiejeebies have used it give away over £1,000,000 worth of free gadgets since 2007.

The freebiejeebies hack at work

People are greedy. It’s human nature. So when some people find they are struggling to find enough people to sign up for the free gadgets they want, they resort to underhand tactics. They lie.

These people set up websites or videos claiming to have a special signup link that automatically gives the user a large number of referrals for free. The link they tell you is the hacked link is in fact nothing more than their own, unique link.

Every person tricked into signing up in this way is worth £20 to the ‘hacker’, and you find you have gained nothing more than if you had signed up using any other link.

Freebiejeebies hackers get nothing

Freebiejeebies operate internationally. They are very well established, and have survived and grown in a tough market where other affiliate sites have failed. They haven’t done so well because people get away with cheating the system.

So when the person who is obtaining new signups through deception by pretending their link is special comes to order their free gadget, they will be surprised to find they get nothing.

This is because freebiejeebies are extremely stringent when it comes to checking accounts for fraud. Every single signup is checked, and where the signups came from is looked at. As soon as freebiejeebies notice that some referred users came from a site pretending to be a hacked link, that person will lose their account.

Freebiejeebies‘ terms and conditions state that:


Common reasons for accounts being placed on hold:

(b). Making fraudulent referrals.

(h). Gaining referrals by deception (for example, claiming to have a “hacked” link which gives a user free referrals, or claiming a user may receive a gift without obtaining referrals)

Oops. That wannabe hacker has just lost everything!

How to legitimately get free gadgets from freebiejeebies

This is the simple part. Just sign up, directly at freebiejeebies, or under anyone’s unique referral link, complete one free offer, and refer as many others as you can. Read and abide by the rules, and soon enough you will receive your free iPad or whatever it was you were after.

Cheats never prosper!

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