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Flying Toys Fun in the Friendly Skies

What kid doesn’t get a big kick out of things that fly, especially radio controlled flying toys? There’s nothing like being outside on a warm spring day and suddenly hearing a faint buzzing sound in the distance, then looking up to see a model airplane darting and dipping in the blue sky overhead. Any kid who owns one is sure to be the hit of the neighborhood, and will enjoy hours of fun taking to the skies. They are easy to operate, and with a little initial adult supervision.

A great feature of remote controlled flying toys is that they can be educational. The toys require “hands-on” involvement, so the child quickly learns that since he or she is the one in control. Irresponsible behavior can result in the damaging of a favorite toy, the destruction of property by crashing it into a car or home. Hand-eye coordination can also be developed through the use of the remote control toys.

The great news for kids is that flying toys are not just limited to remote controlled airplanes. There is a flying bat that actually flaps its wings in the air and a helicopter that can move up, down, left, or right. And we can’t forget the girls’there is a flying fairy that can soar through the air like a bird. Some flying toys are made of virtually unbreakable material, perfect for those who prefer to do a little “stunt flying”. There is even talk of a “flying” skateboard in the no-too-distant future.

RC flying toys can go a long way toward getting kids out of the house on a beautiful day. In a time where many kids would rather spend their summer vacations indoors playing video games or surfing the Internet, it is nice to know that there is still something that will get them outside. With many schools being forced to cut back on recess and gym class, the reduced physical activity is a leading contributor to the childhood obesity epidemic we are currently facing. Flying toys are a great way to get kids up and moving.

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