Five Tips in Raising a Cat

Thousand years ago cat (Felicus Catus) was considered as God in Ancient Egypt. Human were afraid of them because it was connected with devils and witches. As the time goes by, nowdays cat belongs to animals that have so many fans in the entire world. If you are one amongst so many people that keep cats as their pets, here are some tips to raise your cats into healthy and sweet pets.

Raising a cat is really enjoyable but somehow difficult. You have to pay more attention to some important aspects in order to raise your cat into an active, healthy and lovely cat.

Those important aspects are:

1. The meal Since cat is classified in carnivore, feed them with fish or meat. Fish and meat are good for their health because they give enough nutrition for your cat. Having enough nutrition helps your cat to stay healthy and active. You do not need to give them any vegetables since cat does not need any nutrition from it.

If you want to give them canned cat food, you have to appropriate it with the age and the weight of your cat. If you have any kitten, you should give them canned cat food typically produced for kitten. If your cat has obesity in its weight, give them low calories cat food. Moreover, your cat has to drink new and fresh water so you have to change its drinking water regularly. It is okay for you to give them milk sometimes, but do not do it repeatedly. Too much milk causes them to have diarrhea.

2. Get a proper veterinarian Get a proper veterinarian to check up the health of your cat regularly. Make sure that the one you choose knows very well about the species of your cat. Therefore, the veterinarian can identify any health problem might experienced by your cat.

3. Be careful of any chemical in your house It is important for you to know that cat is very sensitive with any chemical may be contained in any product in your house. Cat can not metabolize any aspirin and acetaminophen even could kill the cat. So make sure that your cat is not around any product contains of those substance. Moreover, do not let your cat eat plants because some kinds of plant will be poisoning for your cat. Give them sprouted feed oats as replacement when they are going to eat plants.

4. Do not let them close to any electrical cables Since cat is really interested to play with anything long and flexible such as thread and rope, there are any possibilities for them to play with electrical cable. Set you electrical cable properly to avoid it attracting your cat to play with.

5. Give some limit for your cat. You have to give limitation for your cat from the initial time you raise it. You can forbid them to sharpen their nails on your furniture or forbid them to enter certain part of your house. By not allowing them to do some certain activities, your cat will carry it as a habit and you will not face any problem when your cat is getting bigger.

These are five basic tips in raising your cat. However, the most basic thing you should know is you have to know the characteristics of your cats very well. Different characteristically usually needs different way to take care of. Hopefully, those five tips will be helpful for you to raise a sweet and healthy cat.

Source by Bernard L Roth

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