Find Treasures at Restaurants and Bars With a Metal Detector

This article will reveal ways to find treasures around Bars and Restaurants.

If you have resided in your area for any length of time you may be familiar with some old sites where these types of establishments were located.

The sites you are looking for are out of the way sites with dirt parking lots. We still have a few in our town.

I remember one location that was an old Supper Club. I'm not sure where the term "Supper Club" came from, but people used the term around here some 40-50 years ago.

Our site was located at the base of a mountain. It opened up occasionally in the 1940's and was visited by some upscale individuals of our community. It was a little tough getting to it because there have been many homes built in the area. We had to walk around some desert area to get to it without going through someone's back yard.

We were surprised to see the old rock foundation was still there. The parking lot was fully-grown over with desert vegetation. It was a challenge navigating our metal detector over the lot with the Buffalo grass and cactus.

We searched the area for about 3 hours and we were rewarded with some nice coins and jewelry finds.

Research is the key to locating these older Bar and Restaurants. If you can not remember any, start asking around your neighborhood. Talk to senior citizens that have lived in the area for sometime.

Do not overlook the current sites with dirt parking lots. I know of a couple more in our town that have been around for 40 years. The names may have changed but the lots are still there.

Be patient and you will turn one up. The final results will pay off.

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Source by Joseph Buffalo

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