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Ferret Ball, Rope, and Tube Toys

Ferrets can be a great source of entertainment for you and your family. Just keep in mind that these little critters require more attention than some pets. Ferrets in general tend to bore easily, which leads to hyperactivity, and even behavior problems. There are ways you can keep your ferret occupied, and eliminate potential problems. When selecting toys to entertain your pet, there are some good ones, and certain ones to avoid.

Some plastics and all rubbers are poor options for toys. If you pet store sells rubber ferret toys, consider not patronizing that store. Rubber and plastics may block you ferret’s intestines and ultimately lead to death. When shopping for toys, just make sure you pick appropriate choices.


With your pets natural inclination to be on the move, a ball can provide a moving target. When selecting the right size, pick one your ferret can “sit” on, as well as one that can be navigated in the cage. This will provide some much needed exercise while you’re away.


Paper bags are a great ferret toy. Your ferret may decide to make the paper bag a hiding place, or even somewhere to sleep. When giving your ferret bags to play with, make sure there is no plastic in order to keep your pet from choking on the plastic.


Ferrets have a natural urge to climb. Providing tubing in the cage and even outside gives your ferret a way to feed this inclination. You will have fun watching your little critter crawling through the tubes exploring all the spaces. These provide hours of entertainment, and don’t have to be limited to your pet’s cage.


When looking for a new toy, consider the cat toys aisle. Many of these are appropriate for a ferret if they don’t have tiny pieces that will come off. It is an extremely cost effective way to update your pet’s curiosity with newly updated toys.


Sometimes it is best to keep it simple. Cotton ropes provide a way for your ferret to “bite” (which is a natural instinct) as well as allowing them to play tug-of-war, which makes a fun game with you!

As you get to know your ferret better, you will be sure to find fun, safe toys that you will both enjoy. Watching your ferret play will provide you with at least as much entertainment as you are giving them!

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