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Fashion And Modelling Trends Affect Us

It will receive unanimous acceptance when one says that something that is beautiful or desired is bound to have an enormous effect on the people’s lives; whether they are conscious about it or not. Just take some time out to think of all the people you saw or met today. You might have talked to some coworkers at lunch or to your colleagues and classmates at college. Did you notice how they were doing in their fashion dresses, or did you just casually have a look at them to see what they were donning. Did they have any make-up? What was your first thought or reaction when you saw these scenes? How long did you spend in front of the mirror this morning before you left for work or studies? If we do an analysis, we will see that we are a set of people belonging to a particular culture preoccupied with appearing fashionable or glamorous. It may be that we do not realize it to the full extent.

The media bombards the society with images and movements of the perfect man and woman. Society automatically turns to those who are good looking, and to those that have a high taste for fashion items. It is a truth that glamour is affecting the daily lives of people. People spend hundreds of thousands of dollars buying new clothes, accessories and make-up items to keep up with the latest and trendy styles. All that money could have been saved for purposes like college education, credit payments and so on. But we set aside those thoughts in order to keep the perfect appearance. This constitutes one of the disastrous effects style, glamour and fashion have on society. A lot of money and time is spent unnecessarily every time just to improve our looks and to ensure that we appear perfect and free of blemish.

We are hurting ourselves, and we are also hurting others in the process. We send out subtle signals and messages that people have to be judged based on their looks and the brands they wear. It is really bad to ignore or despise someone that dresses up differently than you, or to look down condescendingly on a group for their appearance. Yet, it is a very common phenomenon that has very strong roots. People who do not have the wherewithal for purchasing fashion products, or who do not want to dress in the appropriate manner are left out. A person’s self-esteem will get crushed just because he wears the so-called wrong outfit. Nowadays nobody judges a person based on his qualities and personality. This is particularly hard when it comes to choosing friends; and it wreaks a horrible havoc on the dating world. Men are indirectly told to only accept beautiful women having good features, leaving the rest of the population feeling worthless. They will in all probability settle for people or relationships that just are not up to the standards and that not following the trends in modern fashion.

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