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Fart Gadgets for Laughs and Other Thoughts on Farting

The most famous fart gadget is the whopper cushion which is a rubber bladder that is designed to sound just like a fart if buried under a cushion on an easy chair. The victim of the gag sits down completely unaware of the stunt about to be pulled upon them while a fully inflated whoopee cushion rests in place beneath them.

This fart gadget has been around and for sell for probably 100 years, but it always raises a laugh with young people.

Another great fart gadget allows you press a remote button and set off one of 15 different fart sounds from up to 100 feet away!

This is the greatest gag gift ever made – just hide the 3″ battery powered speaker on or near the vicinity of someone, press the remote button that is small enough to keep in your pocket, and watch the embarrassment begin! Press the remote button and set off one of 15 different fart sounds!

The gag works like this, simply hide the little speaker, then from up to 100 feet away, press the included remote, and the hidden speaker lets out one of 15 disgusting fart sounds.

Gassy food is frequently eaten and junk food can be particularly so. Some people are able to absorb and tolerate the gas they produce better than others. Gas released mostly has a foul odor which mainly results from butyric acid (rancid butter smell) and sulfur compounds such as hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell) and carbon disulfide that are the result of protein breakdown.

A fart is unfairly considered a sign of indigestion and disease (A misconception. Perfectly normal bodies routinely pass wind, even when not suffering from indigestion.), the sound of a fart is reminiscent of shitting (which is distasteful to most people), and the fart may be smelly, which, especially in close quarters, is quite distressing and distasteful for almost everybody.

Actually, in more genteel circles they are called breaking wind. Breaking wind sounds much classier. Other terms for it are intestinal gas, stomach gas, bloating, and flatulence

Laughing at a fart, whatever you call it is said by some not to be a sign of immaturity; instead it can be viewed as the litmus test for a rich and well developed sense of humor.

For another and final laugh, have you heard the fart song? Everyone around here thinks the fart song is the greatest thing in the world.

Finally, let us just say that if you have been embarrassed about a fart, loosen up! Everyone farts (and barfs, breaks up, gets fired, gets laid! – it is part of life): we can ignore it, attempt to make meaning out of it, or laugh at it like we did when we were kids in the back seat.

Methane lays claim to the distinction of being the world’s only performing flatulist. Methane lays claim to the distinction of being the world’s only performing flatulist.

Gas falls out of me a lot. I’m always praying “oh God, not now! Game is divided on 4 tiers. That is I believe 10 levels per tier.

Car nut – as I hate working on cars (too much time doing that with my first car and I swore never again). I like to drive em hard and that’s about it. Carbonated drinks give a person extra gas. Nervous people with fast moving bowels will fart more because less air is absorbed out of the intestines.

The fart that can make you enemies or can make the joker of the office. The FART shirt is a great example of concept to execution failure. It’s a beautiful, elegant concept, but when you lay it out on a mannequin, a huge percentage of viewers see FART due to the placement of the lettering. The fart’s intensity was somewhere between one of those silent stinkers that people are often in denial about and one of those noisy rattlers, reminiscent of a distant motorboat, that can be heard in an adjacent room. In volume, it was perhaps a few decibels; in odor, it lingered around long enough to require a slight crack of the window.

The fart tax is a subset of the carbon tax which needs to be abolished as a whole. The FartBox is a fun application loaded with dozens of fart sounds. It turns your iPhone a hilarious way. THe fart applications (not just one but the combination of them all) make an average of over $10,000 a month. This just reinstates the fact that I do not feel that we are in a recession if people can spend $10,000 a month on a digital whoppie cushion.

The fart brings so much joy to everyone’s lives. Who amongst us has not laughed at a particularly loud toot?

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