Fake Security Cameras As a Crime Deterrent

Fake security cameras are very popular as a deterrent to crime. When many would-be criminals see a surveillance system installed at the location they are targeting they will just move on to the next target. Why would they take the risk on robbing a store or shop that even has a chance of using surveillance cameras? It is much easier for them to find a place with no visible evidence of surveillance.

Many fake cameras, also known as dummy cams or imitation cameras, look so real that even a trained eye can not detect they are an imitation. There are a variety of bullet shaped simulated cameras that are typically installed outside on an exterior wall. There are also a few dome-shaped dummy cams that are typically installed indoors in a drop ceiling. The new fake 'speed dome' camera from SecurityMan simulates the type of high-powered professional camera that is usually found in parking lots of large department stores or shopping malls.

Fake surveillance cameras have a few features to consider. Several models come with a blinking LED to give the appearance of a working camera. The blinking LED models require batteries and the batteries will need to be replaced every few weeks. There are also several models that have fake cables that look just like real functioning security camera cables. The cables give further appearance of real cameras and are more convincing when a potential criminal is targeting a property.

There are a few major advantages of using fake cams. The first advantage is cost. Dummy cams range is price from about $ 15 to about $ 45. Real cameras start at about $ 50 and go up to several hundred dollars for full featured model. The other major advantage is ease of installation. Since they are no cables, all that is needed to install the camera is mounting it to the wall or ceiling. The installation process is literally no more difficult than hanging a picture.

There are several major disadvantages to consider when using fake security cameras. The most obvious disadvantage is that the cameras do not actually work so you can not monitor or record any activity. If there is an incident, there is nothing to turn over to the permissions. Also, hardened criminals do not really care if there are security cameras or not. Fake security cameras will only deter the those who probably are on the fence about committing the crime in the first place.

A popular surveillance system design is to use fake security cameras together with real security cameras. This helps keep the budget on track and produces real surveillance.

Source by F. William Davis

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