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Facts to Help Cats to Stop Scratching – Tips to Quit Scratching

It is very natural for your cat to scratch and in many cases they scratch in the same areas. There are many purposes for them to scratch such as marking there territory or in many cases it keep there nails healthy by removing old layers. Also they may scratch when they are stretching and this is normal but if it is destroying your furniture or rug then you need to find a solution.

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In most cases you need to get your cat a scratch pad so that they have a place to scratch and it will not damage your stuff. You can get the pole style which gives them a large surface area to scratch or they also have the smaller cardboard scratching pads and wither one works well. It is very possible that you may have to try different scratching options before you find the one that your cat likes the best. In some cases cats like hard things to scratch on and in others they like soft things.

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It is important to remember that your cat is doing something that is natural and they are not trying to destroy your valuable stuff. You want to accommodate there scratching so that both you and the cat can live without being frustrated with each other. They will understand that the area that you have for them to scratch in is there area and they will get used to it.

Remember that cats do things by nature and scratching is one of those things so instead of getting upset with them see if you can find a scratching pad that works for them as well as you.

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