EMT Basic Training – Hobby Or Duty?

It is difficult to asses the motivation level of a person. It is even more difficult to dispute the commitment of someone in a medical profession. According to the recent statistics most of the Emergency Medical Trainers or EMT, as they are called, work on a volunteer basis. The United States labor department revealed that among the total number of EMT that are trained to work in the fire department, about 80 percent work for free. Similarly, The State department of health claims that nearly 70 percent of the registered EMT agencies in the United States hire on a volunteer basis. Before making or rejecting any claims let us look at some figures:

The Education of EMT

Keeping in mind the above statistics, remember that most of these EMT volunteer workers undergo at least a month of training before being officially inducted to provide the necessary life saving services. Also, among these are seasoned professionals who pass rigorous medical testing and licensing requirement to work as a full time Emergency medical trainer. It should also be noted that many States require experienced EMT to undergo at least one year of studies. There are also several professional courses that extend to two years.

Pay & Working Hours of EMT

Now add to the fact that a full time EMT worker earns on average one of the lowest basic salaries in the nation. It is difficult to estimate the average of all the EMT workers but a rough estimate puts a pay range between $ 19000 and $ 33000 per year. Only 2 percent earn more than $ 50,000. If this does not provide a grim picture then consider the long working hours for the EMT. On an average, an Emergency medical trainer in a firefighting department typically works 50 hours. The hours are further extended in a hospital environment. At hospitals the average can extend to 60 hours.

Is becoming an EMT a Hobby or a Duty?

It is true that the basic EMT training does not require a professional degree and can be completed in a short period of time but it does not mean that the volunteers and practitioners join the profession as a hobby. The statistics above are provided to strengthen the claim that the volunteers and professionals who undergo the basic EMT training are committed to serve the community and take it as their duty to fill the gap left vacant by the shortage in the healthcare system. Most of these volunteers take the basic EMT training work with the firefighting departments. No one in their right frame of mind will work in such a dangerous profession if they are not willing to take it as their duty to save human lives.

More Proof

It should also be noted that the basic EMT training is necessary for the firefighters, police and medical professionals. All of these professions are well reputed in the society and any claim to point out a professional in these jobs to undertake EMT out of the necessity, is difficult to prove. It is understood that the basic EMT training is only required in those professions which are considered to be the first line of defense against major disasters. It means that societies depend on these professionals with their lives. Therefore it is a further proof that the required basic EMT training in some department is taken seriously by a selected group of people who have already committed themselves to our well being.

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