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Easy Tips To Protect Your Woolen Clothes From Pilling

Winters are almost here and it means you can now put on those beautiful hand-knitted sweaters. Did you just notice they are spoiled due to pilling? Well, it is a common problem with woolen clothes and almost all of us have a tough time dealing with it. These small balls of fiber on the surface of garment are not at all pleasing and can force you to dump your brand new clothes. Before you succumb to these tiny monsters that make your woolen clothes ugly, let us find out some easy ways to prevent pilling from clothes.

Steps to Prevent Pilling

It takes so much time and efforts to knit a sweater using knitting needles. How would you feel if all your efforts go waste just because of pilling? Surely, you would not feel good about it. Thus, to prevent your clothes from getting spoiled, you can follow the below mentioned preventive tips.

1. While washing woolen clothes, do not put it in water as it is. First turn the apparel inside out and then wash it using a mild detergent.

2. You may want to wash the garment for long in order to remove germs but actually it is a major cause behind pilling. So make sure that you wash clothes only in short cycles.

3. When washing knitted sweaters, socks or scarves; do not use detergent bars. Rather, use liquid detergent that dissolves easily in water and does not harm clothes. If you are using powder detergent, allow it to dissolve in water completely before dipping clothes in it.

4. Pills form on the surface of garment because of friction between fabric and other material. While leaving clothes to dry, do not hang them on a surface for long because it causes abrasion thereby leading to pilling.

Though you cannot control pilling 100% but these little measures would help in preventing it to the maximum possible extent. Also, there is a way using which you can remove pilling from woolen clothes. Buy a fabric comb from the market and run it over the garment to remove pills. To ensure that you don’t forget to buy fabric comb, include it in the list of embroidery supplies only. If money is not a constraint then you can think of buying battery operated pill remover as well. It shaves the pills from the surface and makes it smooth and shiny like new apparel.

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