Duct Tape Crafts

Duct tapes have become an indispensable part of a tool kit. These strong, multi-purpose adhesive tapes are a popular means of fixing broken materials and equipment. However, the use of duct tapes is not limited to emergency patch-up measures. They are now used for creating a range of accessories and decorative items. Today, duct tape crafts are featured in many lifestyle books and magazines. There are a growing number of fans and patrons for this art. Duct tape crafts have almost become a cult in the United States. A whole new breed of experts has emerged to cater to the rising demands of duct tape crafts.

Duct tape crafts are now a common feature in competitions held at various cultural events. Popular items created with duct tapes include wallets, belts, guitar straps, purses, bracelets, folders, visors and backpacks. This craft is also applied in the fashion industry. Many retailers feature fashionable duct tape handbags sporting reputed brand names. Duck Products, one of the most famous manufacturers of quality duct tapes, organizes an annual competition for creating stylish formal wears. The popularity of duct tape crafts can be judged by the variety of shades and hues that are available today including fluorescent and transparent varieties.

The popularity of duct tape crafts is so high that in 2002, when duct tapes turned 60 years old, numerous contests were held, and to mark this occasion, the Duck Products Company created an American flag entirely from duct tape. This flag, measuring the size of an NBA basketball court, was houted in New York's Union Square Park. Some famous examples of duct tape crafts can be seen at the Cleveland Zoo. This zoo has on display animal models created using duct tapes. Duct tape crafts are now a common feature in exhibitions and art shows hosted by art students of reputed universities and colleges.

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