Dog Training Starts With a Puppy

When you buy a puppy, you may think enjoying them and playing with them is all you need to do. The truth is, you need to start dog training early so the puppy learns the basic commands and behavior.

Housebreaking a puppy is easier if they understand basic commands and a few words. 'No' is a word that all puppies need to understand. This word will be used more than any other word you teach them as they start to grow into an adult dog. Dog training will include housebreaking, commands and obedience.

Housebreaking starts as soon as you bring the puppy home. This part of dog training can become frustrating if the puppy does not respond well to going outside. The first thing to remember is that taking the puppy outside should be done without any type of play. The puppy needs to learn that they are invited to use the outdoors for the bathroom. If a puppy learns quickly that they have to go to the bathroom outside, you can then start adding playtime after they have accomplished what they were supposed to do outside.

If the puppy has an accident in the house, you need to immediately take the puppy to the area and firmly tell them 'No, go outside', then take them outside until they realize what you mean. The puppy probably is not going to use the bathroom at this time, but they will understand what you mean after a few times. Dog training classes are the next thing to consider for your puppy.

In the dog training puppy classes, the puppy is taught the basic commands of sit, come, stay and lay down. These commands you will find are a blessing when you are in the house as well as outside. After puppy classes, you can move onto the next part of dog training, which is the obedience classes. These classes will teach the dog about walking, healing, down and addressing any other behavior problems you may notice. Puppies that are trained will grow up to be manageable and lovable dogs. If you do not provide some type of training, you will have an uncontrollable dog.

If you choose not to attend dog training classes, you can find some great dog training books that can help you train the puppy. Keep in mind that you must work with the puppy every day for a time or they will not retain what they are learning. Dog breeders and dog trainers will tell you that you should spend at least a half-hour a day on things being learned at the time. If you only train or practice once a week, the puppy is not going to remember what you have been teaching them. If you keep up with the training, you will have a great dog.

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