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Dog Training Gadgets: The Clicker Box

Dog training methods and gadgets come out in the market on a daily basis. Manufacturers of dog supplies are consistently bombarding us with improvements and innovations, which according to them, will turn your dog’s behavior around completely within twenty four hours. Although it is true that some of these items actually work, that is not the case of all of them. Be aware of the items that suddenly arrive at your local retail store and read some reviews first. Don’t be afraid to ask your veterinarian about any particular gadget, and always use common sense before using anything on your dog that requires you to plug it in an electric outlet. With this said, let’s talk about a relatively safe item, that requires no electricity, and doesn’t even have to be worn by your dog.

Clicker boxes have been around for some time now. The term clicker defines a small metal box with a push button on top that clicks. It is the latest fad in dog training. In this method, the dog interacts with the metal box by listening to the clicks made by the box. It’s a little complicated at first, one must try to get used to it. There are many praises regarding the system made by happy pet owners.

Studies involving the clicker method show the possibility of training a dog without the need to reprimand the animal. More often than not, dogs are trained by rewarding them with obedience. This means that when your dog obeys the trainer, he will reward him with a snack to eat, inducing the dog to behave in the same manner again. When a dog acts in disobedience, however, he will usually be ignored or denied the treat.

Teaching commands to your dog with a clicker box is simple, but a little confusing. Simply express your commands to your pet, when he obeys, click on the box and give him a treat. The next thing you do is just click and feed him without saying a word, then proceed to click and feed before he sits. The aim would be to teach your dog that every time he hears a click and sits a treat is to follow in reward for his good action.

Any form of retribution is disregarded as useful by dog trainers. Although punishing your dog may stop him from performing mischief, more often than not the animal will see your reprimand as a random action and will not draw any conclusion from it. Thus, punishment may have other negative effects on your pet, completely unrelated to what you where trying to communicate.

Training with a clicker box is widely used by trainers with many animals besides dogs. Dolphins and whales seem to respond to this method of training as well. Some have surely seen these in action over at Sea World, and other aquatic parks. Perhaps, even if you are a bit skeptical, the clicker box could turn out to be of great help for you and your pet.

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