Dog Pet Bed – Your Dog Needs a Pet Bed

Why is it important to give your favorite four-legged friend a place of his own? Your dog's bed will benefit your dog's sleep, comfort, and health for years to come. Many pet owners think that a dog bed is an optional item. However, having a pet bed is an essential item. Dogs spend a good part of every day sound sleep. The comfort and health of your dog depends on a quality sleep. There are many benefits for you and your dog.


Dogs can feel anxiously especially when their owner is away. Providing your pet with a special place to call his own will give him a sense of security. It also provides a private area for your dog. You dog will love the fact that he has a place that is just for him, and in return he might be less likely to curl up on your furniture or bed.


Just like humans, dogs appreciate comfort also. Older dogs as well as youngger dogs can start to suffer from joint pain, arthritis and hip problems. Lack of quality sleep can also cause an unwillingness to go for walks and exercise. A dog bed's soft, comfortable cushions feel just as great on a dog's joints as a mattress or body pillow provides comfort and support for humans. A typical dog bed elevates the animal above the hard ground, supports essential joints and provides a degree of warmth. You might also want to look at orthopedic dog beds.


Dogs will benefit from the extra layers of warmth and insulation off the bare floor especially during the night and cold winter months. Dog pillow beds or dog bed mats also provide essential support from a hard cold floor. Although dogs will sleep on a floor, it is often uncomfortable for them. Consider how you would feel sleeping on the cold floor with nothing but a blanket. This is usually the reason that they sneak onto the furniture the minute you leave the house and because it smells like you. Most dogs will sleep at the foot or side of their owner's bed, on a favorite blanket or cushion placed in a warm part of the room away from drafts.


Should your dog be allowed to sleep in your bed, with you? Probably not, where your dog sleeps is important to their emotional and physical health. Some animal behaviorists say letting your dog sleep with you is a bad idea and sometimes upset the chain of command because the dog may get delusions of grandeur and dominance problems can arise. A pet bed lets your dog know where he is sleeping. You may consider and your dog may enjoy, several dog beds in other rooms where the family comes together.


A dog bed will provide protection for your furniture. When your dog is sleeping on your furniture, it affects the appearance and condition of your furniture, and as we mentioned earlier it affects your dog's joints where he jumps up and down off high furniture. Not to mention othersome pet hair on the furniture. For this reason, you will definitely want a cover that will be removed from the mattress, and that is 100% machine washable. It should also be durable enough to deal with sharp claws, and stain resistant.

In conclusion, your dog will be spending an awful lot of time in his or her bed, so it's important that you select the right one. So remember, when buying a pet bed for your dog, you need to take numerous things into consideration: your dog's breed, dog's age (puppy, adult, senior), dog's size, dog's health and where you plan on using the bed. Buying the right kind of bed and maintaining it properly can go a long way to your dog's health and happiness, and maybe even your own.

Source by Jennifer Pezzillo

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