Dog Peeing Can Be Controlled – Five Great Tips to Control Your Dog Peeing Problem

You just recently purchase your new bundle of joy a puppy! Now though after a week or so your puppy constantly pees all over your floor. You are about at your wits and asking your decision to get a new puppy because all he does is pee. However, here are five tips that can help you learn how to stop your dog from peeing all over the place. Remember if your dog is older consult with your vet first to rule out a possible infection!

The first tip that can be easily followed to help your dog peeing problem is to take them out repeatedly. Taking your dog outside all the time can seem like a hassle, but it will be well worth it when you do not have to pick up the pee every five minutes from him going all over your house. So taking him out frequently would have been the first tip to try.

Then if you do not have time to take your puppy out all the time, but do not want to have the pee issues you can try crate training your puppy. Crate training involves placing your puppy inside of a crate until it is time for him to go potty. This will help with your peeing problems for your puppy because most dogs will not pee in an area that they may sleep in.

The third tip that can possibly help out your puppy peeing problems would be to paper train them. Paper training your puppy will cure him peeing all over the house, but he will go on paper that you place on the floor for him to use. One problem that you can encounter with paper training is that you will not want to leave newspapers lying on the floor. If you do leave paper on the floor the dog can sometimes mistake that for him thinking that you want him to use that paper to go potty on and then he will start peeing in that spot as well.

The fourth tip that is available for addressing your dogs peeing issues would be to consult with your vet. He could be peeing over a dominance, territorial marking or an infection of some sort. If this is the case then you might have to ask your vet for some spray that will help control the peeing. Sometimes the sprays will help and other times they will not.

If all else fails to help you control your dogs peeing problem you might have to check into obedience classes. Obedience classes have a wide range of topics that they cover and some of them will even cover the basics of potty training your puppy.

If your dog is having a peeing problem and going all over the place you will want to consult with your vet if it is an older dog first because that could have the signs of an infection. If the dog that is peeing is still a puppy or being potty trained then you can follow the advice given above.

Source by Kim L Smith

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