Different Types of Couture Wedding Gowns

Couture wedding gowns are designed by leading fashion houses especially on order. They are high quality fashionable ones made of good quality fabrics that would last longer than the ready made ones and are made specifically to one’s tastes and preferences. You need the right dress style for the great occasion of your wedding that would enhance your appearance.

Couture wedding gowns are durable and last longer when preserved in acid free storage conditions. In some families, it is a tradition to wear the wedding gowns of their mother. This is not the thing to save money, but it is considered to be a privilege and prestige to wear the traditional dress. If you do not have such a dress and want to order one to create the custom, specially made couture wedding gowns should be your ideal choice as they are made from selected fabrics and their design would suit all types of atmosphere and would never go outdated.

If you are going to select your wedding dress, you must have some knowledge of the different styles and parts of a gown. The basic knowledge of the sleeves, bodice, neckline, silhouette and the train will help you to choose the dress. The different types of silhouette are the ball gown, with tight bodice, the empire with high waistline, a-line dresses that have a hefty bottom, dropped waists and Basques with a trimming outer effect, the sheath that fits closely and the mermaid that flows around the knees.

You can select the half sleeves up to the elbow with a puff, sleeveless ones that are popular today, and spaghetti straps in skin colors or off the shoulder sleeves to expose your beauty. Choose the neckline of the wedding gowns to be high or low, off the shoulder, portrait, and sweet heart or to have one sleeve with a trapezium typed neck. Backless gowns will suit you and would expose your beauty especially if your shoulders are fleshy and broad.

The shorter, longer or tea length wedding gowns with flowing and floating materials will look flattering to a variety of body types. There are a wide variety of couture wedding dresses available these days and a bride getting ready for her wedding could easily find one to have a style she adores in one of the online stores. The style should not only compliment your body type but also should make you feel comfortable on the day of your wedding.

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