Different My Pillow Pets Dalmatian Choices

It is nice to have a few different choices when you are picking from a certain type of stuffed animal. As for the My Pillow Pets Dalmatian, you are going to have a couple of great choices to choose from, which is really nice thing for most people. If you have not heard of these products before, they are a really nice piece that kids really enjoy. They are famous for their ability to transform quickly from a stuffed animal to a pillow by sampling undoing some Velcro that is located at the bottom of the item. While this sounds like a very simple product and design, it is unique, looks great, works well, and has become incredibly popular.

You are going to have two great choices with this product. The first is going to be the My Pillow Pets Dalmatian 18 "pet. This would be the full size version of this product, and the largest one is they make the big size is great for kids that really enjoy having bigger stuffed animals, and they love being able to cuddle with it and carry it around with them. Great gift for most kids that are a little bit older or in the 4 and 5 year range for sure.

The other really nice option is the My Pillow Pets Dalmatian 11 "pet. This is the smaller version of the full sized pet, and the only real differences you are going to see in it is that it is smaller, and it is going to cost a little bit less. The bigger one is more popular, but this item is perfect for children that are around the age of three, and want something a little bit smaller to carry and play with. , and kids are going to be happy with either one.

As for the look of the Dalmatian itself, it looks just like you would expect. It has a white body with black spots, a nice black tail and black ears, and a smiling face. It looks fantastic, and it is pretty easy to see why so many people enjoy purchasing this pet. While it is recommend for children ages three and up, if you do purchase it, you are going to get a very well built, high quality, very durable product that kids enjoy having in the home. These items are becoming a big choice for a unique Christmas gift, as well as a great choice for a youngster's birthday. They are always something you should keep your eye on, and decide if you want to purchase them.

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