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Description Of Partner Through The Natal Horoscope

In such analysis is the study restrict the fields that indicate the appearance, character,
and of course a place where we meet a potential partner.
We start from fifth house because, as we know, fifth house is the symbol of emotions, next
to parenting, children, fertility, hobbies, gambling, creativity, talents, and more.
It also symbolizes a major point of departure for love and a symbol of giving love,
happiness, self-realization and we can say this field is the field of emotions. So, the
ruler planet of the fifth house is important significance and that is the starting point
for our search, because precisely this ruler is our love.
The next important point in the quest of the future spouses is the seventh house / known
as a field of marriage.
Like the Ascendant or the cusp of the first house represents "Me" and it is equally
important for love horoscopes like the seventh house that represents
"You" and it is located directly opposite from us or from the first house and it is
something that we seek.
Here in the seventh house we will find most answers when the analysis of marriage and
marital partner is in question but also when it comes to analysis of how we relate to
other people.
We must not forget to take into account, when analyzing the comparative horoscope, the
eighth house, among other meanings, is now an important meaning of sexuality, so it is
important to examine what attracts us sexually.
We will start from the key factors of the horoscope of a woman, in both cases, for the
female and male when it comes to analysis of the field meanings remains the same, the
change occurs only when it comes to symbols or the meanings of the planets.
For women's horoscope we concentrate on the planet of the "male principle" Sun and Mars.
We know that when analyzing a horoscope the Sun are taken as symbol "I" but also as a
symbol of the description of persons father, also here we find the description of the
marital partner. Mars, the masculine principle is also an indicator of a man in a woman`s
Natal chart.
It is important to demarcate now, the Sun is actually what attracts us and what we want in
a partner, while Mars is that what we will get.
Saturn is the ugly picture that could appear, while Jupiter is all what we will have in
the best light.
We must not forget that each house and the planet must be seen as a whole picture, but
also is important to examine every aspect that they create.
When it comes to aspects we need to take into account the aspects of the cusps of the
fifth, seven and eight house as well as aspects of the rulers of these houses.
The beginning of the interpretation is, as I noted at the outset, the ruler of the fifth
house, where he is, in which sign and house, on what degree of the zodiac;
How he feels there, what he can tell us from there, what aspects creates, with which
Here we find the answers who attracts us, what attracts us and why, and everything which
we are aware of our emotions and even how we provide them and in what way we accept them
from others.
The seventh house is opposed to everything that represents us well and our partners, our
marriage, the beginning and end, the quality of marriage.
Explore the seventh house, where begins, in which zodiac sign, on what degree, the aspects
formed by the cusp of the seventh house and with which planets. The cusp of the seventh
house and its aspects are indicators of the ways in which we enter into marriage, the
beginning of our marital relationship, how we make decisions about marriage and why.
Planets in the seventh house are our events in marriage and above all marital
relationship, it is of great importance to study the planets in the seventh house, if
there are any.
If the seventh house is empty that doesnt mean that you will not have a marriage, there
are other indicators of our marital relationships.
Seventh house can sometimes take two or even three zodiac signs, the ruler of our seventh
house is the planet which ruling the sign in which seventh house begins. If the cusp of
the seventh house is in the Aries, ruler of that house will be Mars;
But, if the seventh house occupies two zodiac signs we will have a co-ruler of the
seventh house, in the case that cusp is in the Aries the co-ruler would be a Taurus.It is
important to emphasize that the ruler of the seventh house is the most important factor
when the description of the partner is in question but also the co-ruler. Where do the
field begins, and where does it ends, the ruler and the co-ruler, study their
Where do we get to know our partners, we will find the answer in the ruler of the seventh
house, where the ruler planet is, there is also our description of the place.
All this applies also for male natal planets except the Moon and Venus.
The Moon is, as we know, a female principle, mother, child and women.
Venus is an emotion, eros, this will be like Mars in womens natal chart or the Venus will
be in a mens natal chart or what we will get.
Before you look at the planet in the seventh house, it is important to study well and the
planets in the fifth house, if any, and also the planet here will give you a description
of your children, the possibility of conception, and more.
If there is a Sun in your fifth house it is an indicator, in addition to all that you are
attracted to as a success, security and power that is the quality of your relationships.
You are fortunate in love, and you have the possibility of entering into a marriage or
relationship with the famous and influential people.
Moon in fifth house in good aspect brings so much emotion from you and also that is what
you look for in a partner.

It is important to review the zodiac sign in which Moon is located and how is he
Certainly, if the moon is well positioned here will give you the fertility and many
children but if he is in bad aspects
than will bring a lot of relationships, intrigues and even abortion.
Mercury ih the fifth house gives a lot on an intellectual level, so even if it means you
attract younger people, all depends on the aspects.
Since Mercury is so changeable and act on you in the same way, he brings a lot of
hesitation and indecision, and even such quality of relationships or experiencing to such
Venus in the fifth house have a good side but also has dark side and your relationship
begins is very romantic and a lot of emotions but it can be quite bad end. Again I must
mention it all depends on the other indicators. However, one thing is certainly, you dont
miss flirt, you are magnetic and attract different types of people. Regarding the fifth
hous as the hous of children, here, Venus certainly gives popularity and beautiful
Mars in the fifth house can bring as much good and so much bad, this is a planet of
battle, active and impulsive and can bring a partner, ranging from sports to the uniform
type. Mars here brings a lot of fighting and that is what attracts you and with what you
are constantly confronted. Passion is certainly important here, but there are a lot of
Jupiter, although widely known as benefik does not bring all his best to this position, of
course that is depending on the aspects and zodiac sign, but in the fifth house can give
high fertility, although with bad aspects he brings a major obstacles.
When the attraction is a question, you are attracted to spiritually mature character and
strong personality.
Relationships are generally long-term and may be a secret since this position often brings
obstacles in the form of religious or paperwork issues.
This position of Jupiter certainly gives the subsequent marriage, older partner or quite
mature than you.
Saturn is already known that he always brought braking and obstacle no matter in which
house is he stationed, so it is the same and in the fifth house. When the relationship is
in question, you certainly come across people who have a lot of unsolved problems, complex
and obstacles but its not impossible that this applies in and you alone. Actually people
with a lot of problems attracts you, elderly person or someone to whom it is difficult to
You have difficulty to show emotions, you dont even know how to accept it. Saturn here
describes your ability of loyalty which you also seek in a partner but it is difficult for
you to have a happy love.
Uranus in the fifth house is definitely a big wind that is full of surprises. You attract
a different kind of weird types of people but also that kind of pepole attract you. Your
relationships are very unstable and how quickly you start a relationship so quickly your
mood changes. From harmony to the arguments and from the very beginning to the end of
relationship everything is suddenly all is uncertain. Also if you look at the fifth house
with this position as a description of children the same rule applies, a lot of surprises
awaits you in this field.
Neptune in the fifth house will certainly bring a lot of undefined situations in love.
Much disappointments, but disappointment that you hardly get over it, certainly we know
that the planet Neptune "fog vision" and so it is, in this case. You tend to idealize
partners, and you are never satisfied with your selection, constant searching and
wandering are your properties in love. You strive for perfection that doesnt exist and you
always choose a vicious or complicated types of people. Neptune will bring a lot of
magnetism for you, you are attracted by mystical and extraordinary people and the inherent
characteristics of Neptune here is difficultis to endure loneliness. If we look at this
house as a house or children here will not make much difference, you will be naive to your
children, depending on the aspects that you need in this case to study good, abortion is
not excluded.
Pluto is certainly known as malefic gives a very serious relationship, or difficulty
starting a relationship. Your feelings go from extreme to the other, you are able to
forgive unforgivable until you find the reasons for it. But you are also prone to revenge
and punishment. You are attracted dangerous types, jealousy is another feature here, there
is a danger of attack. When we look at the fifth house as a house of children with this
position is certainly not a good position, but still take a good review of all aspects and
also hous in which Pluto is a ruler.

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