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Declawing Cats Pros and Cons – An Unbiased Overview

Declawing cats pros and cons have been circulating in many pet magazines, the internet and even conferences of moral sectors and ethical world organizations. The issue of cat declawing has been a major source of controversies and debate amongst the animal welfare societies, veterinary professionals and cat owners. The declawing cats pros and cons are highly debatable and not all veterinarians and cat lovers have the same ideologies about declawing of a cat’s feet.

This article will give you an unbiased insight about the declawing cats pros and cons based on proven reports, professional interviews and concrete facts.

Declawing Cats Pros and Cons: The Pros

A cat owner’s primary reason to declaw their cats is to bring safety to their house furniture and, of course, to other household members who directly interact with the cats, specifically the children. The scratching act done by our feline pets is included in their innate characteristics and not something we can easily discourage. Hence, many cat owners deemed cat declawing as one of the best ways to stop the scratching procrastination and bring peace and safety in the household. Unless, of course, you decide to get rid of the cat eventually (which is not usually the case for many cat lovers).

Although there has not been an official statistical research done to determine the percentage of customer satisfaction for declawing, many people in the internet have commented of the great benefits they’re getting after the surgery was done. According to the posts, the horrors claimed by many internet sites are somehow unreasonable and that their cats are not at all showing signs of intolerable pain during or after the surgery. Aside from the security of a non-shredded curtains, walls, sofa and intact skin tissues, cat owners are also appreciating the gradual change of their kitty’s behavior. They claim that their cats are no longer as “temperamental” as they used to. Maybe because they know they can no longer play as a vicious cat, and thus they shift to being the cuddly cute little babies instead.

Declawing Cats Pros and Cons: The Cons

One negative aspect reported by many cat owners after declawing is the inability of their cats to defend themselves. The cat’s claws are their primary physical defense and declawing will evidently lessen their chances of winning during cat fights. If your cat is the sort that regularly kicks another cat’s butt, you may have to bear the sad thought that they will be reduced to a defenseless little kitty once they’re declawed. In line with this, you will have to detain them at home and prevent them from getting into cat fights. Another risk of declawing is infection and malformation of your cat’s feet. There are also times when you will still witness the re-growth a few weeks after surgery especially if you choose the traditional methods of declawing, or if the procedure wasn’t done properly. Therefore, you may have to re-declaw them, which means additional expense for you.

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