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Deciphering a New Market: The Junior Clothing

Fashion experts now acknowledge the existence of a new dynamic environment – the junior clothing marketplace. These junior customers are pretty much dubbed as the “deviant” market that denies fashion rules. They uphold a unique fashion identity inspired by what’s on the runway but definitely absorbed and altered to fit their needs and provide their own fashion statement. They promote the philosophy that “it is how you look more than how you feel.”

What is exactly is Junior Clothing?

If you are a girl or technically a female that is on the phase of “no longer being a child but not yet a woman”, then you probably belong to the “junior group”. As such, you are technically a junior clothing customer.

Junior apparel is specifically made to fit the needs and the viewpoints of teenagers and other young women. This clothing line provide the customers with the “look” of a teenager but are generally distributed and patronized by girls and women within the age range of 9 to 30. This fashion clothes are inspired by those that are used by models on the runway. However, there is a certain “youthful” twist in terms of the styles and the designs.

Disposable clothes…

The set of collections in the junior clothing line is often dubbed as “disposable clothes”. This is because these garments last only until the trend exists. Although many designer brands cater to this market, dresses and apparel under this type are kept at minimum. Such also prompts shorter “fashion life” lengths.

The junior clothing line often appears in simple designs made from simple fabrics as well. Although they take on the design and styles of most designer sportswear collections, the clothing line will not carry expensive prices. According to the manufacturers, the junior clothing provides teenagers, pre-teens, and young women with a chance to be stylish and trendy without the need to spend so much.

Various Categories of junior clothing

There are eight main categories of the junior clothing line. These pieces are distributed in many department stores as well as most teen clothing stores. As noted by the manufacturers, the quantity and variety that exists for every category is largely based on the current trends and fashions that exist at a certain point in time.

• Sweaters and Knits: This is among the larger categories since many teens used these garments the whole year round. The styles may range from long-sleeved to short-sleeved shirts and tanks although it also includes the standard t-shirts with embellished necklines and loud prints.

• Active wear: this is often regarded as the everyday outfit of many teenagers. These are not work-out clothes. Rather, these refer to the “comfort” clothing used for casual purposes.

• Woven Tops: This category is perfect for the winter period. The most distinguishable characteristic of this type is the flutters, laces, and ruffles that add a ladylike or girlish appeal to the customer.

• Outerwear: This is necessary for teenagers in the cold regions. Such is characterized by false fur that is easily accessorized for the winter period.

• Pants and Jeans: Jeans are regarded as essential collections for the Junior wardrobe. The most popular of which is the low-rise flairs but skinny leg jeans are also becoming famous as well.

• Skirts: Undeniably, skirts will continue to be a hip among teens and pre-teens regardless of the feedback from conservative parents. Apparently, these pieces are just getting shorter and shorter.

• Dresses: This is another large category. Although such is often used for formal events, a dress is still an important must-have in a teen’s closet.

• Accessories: This may come in the form of scarves, belts, hats, bags, and dangles. Designed to accentuate and liven up any kind of outfit, a real trendy teen cannot live without these.

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