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Creative Male Dog Names For Your New Puppy

Choosing the right dog names can be as hard as naming your child. Maybe more so because there are more names to choose from. Male dog names could be Jack, Beau, or Joe. These can be names for a male child as well. Male dog names could also be Rufus, Scooby Doo or Howler. I wouldn’t advise giving these names to a male child, though.

Searching for male dog names should be creative and enjoyable, and should also be something that reflects a part of your life. Many people choose names based on the looks of the dog. Some of these popular names are Moppit, Crinkles, Bitsy, Mask, or Harry (a good name for a furry dog or a hairless one). Some popular small male dog names are Gizmo, Peewee, Furby, or Chico (it means small in Spanish). Large characters make great names for large dogs, like Shrek, Achilles, or Hulk.

You can choose male dog names that denote a hobby or your employment. If you are a gun collector, how about Shotgun, Wesson, or Magnum? A bartender has lots of options, such as Martini, Cuervo, Budweiser, or Spuds Makenzie (remember Spuds?). Maybe you’re a Trekie. If so, you could use names like Spock, Vulcan, or Captain Kirk. Are you a trucker? How about Mack or Peterbuilt or Sputnik (which means traveling partner).

Male dog names for sports fans are aplenty. How about naming your dog for your team? Are you a fan of the Celtics, or the Eagles, or the Buckeyes? You could name your dog after your favorite sportsman, like Tiger or Gretzky or Mickey Mantle. Maybe you’re a sports history buff. Some defunct team names are pretty cool, like Mohawk (MCLA Mohawks), Savage (Dickenson State Savages), or Aztec (Mexico City Aztecas).

Let TV and movie writers do the work for you. Some popular names from these mediums are Duke (Beverly Hillbillies), Bentley (Monk), Murray (Mad About You), Beauregard (Hee Haw) and Sparky (South Park) from television, or Lucky (Dr. Doolittle), Einstein (Back to the Future), Chopper (Stand By Me), Alfie (Serpico) and Thorn (The Lost Boys).

Great dog names can be found in books or comics, too. How about Ace (Batman’s dog), Krypto (Superman), Hotdog (Archie), Dogbert (Dilbert), or Snert (Hagar the Horrible) from the comic books? From literature you could choose Fang (‘Harry Potter’), Pilot (‘Jane Eyre’), Dougal (‘Little Lord Fauntleroy’), Little Mustard (‘Guy Mannering’) or Spitz (‘Call of the Wild’).

Be creative when thinking up male dog names. It’s not as hard as it seems. I know a dog named Askem, named so because when you ask the owner “What’s your dog’s name?” he replies “Askem.” Think about the things you do or the things you love and the male dog names will flow. There are so many great names to choose from, but you can only pick one, so take your time and write down every great male dog name you can think of. Then choose the perfect one from your list of awesome dog names.

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