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Cool Spy Gadgets Meant for Safety, Security and Surveillance

Gadgets developed for spying purposes comes in varied functionalities and styles. Cool spy gadgets can be amusing for many, for instance: to keep an eye what your 2 year old child is doing or watch your friends’ activities. Whereas for others it can also be useful to do like James Bond acts which might save the world.

The demand for spy gadgets is increasing because of their powerful performances and low maintenance. Equipped with high resolution camera that provides clarity even in the dark, the spy cameras are sleekly designed and powered by powerful batteries for long run. A wide range of spy cameras are available in the market carrying amazing features. But there are a handful of spy gadgets which are best sellers. Below mentioned is a list of cool spy gadgets that are highly preferred.

•         Hi-Res Soda can Covert Spy camera DVR w/Remote Control: Incorporated with high resolution recorder it is a portable and not easily seen surveillance camera. A huge 2600mAh battery supports the camera to record unfailingly for 24 hours. It comes with a remote control. The recordings can be downloaded later by plugging the unit into the computer via high-speed USB 2.0. It is integrated with a full 640×480, 30FPS resolution for latest recording.

•         Hi-Res Zippo-Style Lighter Covert Spy Camera DVR w/ 4GB Memory: A covert surveillance technology with high resolution 640×480 zippo style lighter DVR recorders is an ideal gadget provides smooth video recording up to 100 minutes. The recording can easily be downloaded via high speed USB 2.0 to the computer and store it.

•         Hi-Res Pen Video Spy Camera w/ 8GB Memory – GOLD: A flawless design with high resolution 640×480 8GB pen cam recorder. A single “one touch” record button runs the camera for 2 hrs on a single charge. Recording can later be downloaded to the PC for viewing and storing. The 8GB memory let you record up to 30 hours of recording.

By doing an extensive research you can find numerous cool spy gadgets with fascinating features at highly competitive price. To find the competitive price just compare and contrast the prevailing price online.

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