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Cool Hunting Gadgets

In many ways hunting is all about getting away from the fast pace and technology of the modern world, getting out there into nature and reconnecting with that primal role of the predator patiently tracking and closing in on his prey before taking it down. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t loads of tech products out there that can enhance you hunting experience. There are some excellent gadgets that you can get, some of which (such as gps for example) would be thought of as a basic necessity by many of todays hunting parties even though they are relatively new on the market when you think about it, and other which are less essential but perhaps more fun to use.

One of my favorite gadgets for hunting is a gun made by Armatix. The technology behind this isn’t actually all that advanced, but the effect is like something out of a science fiction movie – a gun which only the owner can fire and which simply won’t work for anyone else! It’s not quite the DNA sequencing artificial intelligence gun you may be thinking of though: you wear a watch with a chip in it, and only the person wearing that watch can fire the gun because if the chip isn’t in close enough proximity then the gun is disabled.

Another cool gadget is a hat cam – they are quite cheap really and they let you catch all the action to watch back later without anyone in your group needing to actually hold a camera.

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