Construction Toys For Children – Learning Through Play

It's a known fact that the first 7 years of a child's life are the most defining years in which all of their habits, mannerisms, skills and personality will be shaped during this critical time. Their learning curve, in a manner of speaking, is large and flexible and their brains are like sponges, soaking in, consuming, digesting and processing everything that is going on around them to shape the person that they will one day become.

That said, it goes without saying that your child should be provided with the all physical and mental nutrient and stimulator in order for them to learn and become the very best that they can be. Leaving your child sat, enthused, in front of a TV or playing a mind numbing video game for hours on end in these early days is a sure-fire way of quickly developing uncreative and procrastinate qualities.

A lot of knowledge has been gained over the last few decades into child learning and it is now widely accepted that children learn just as much through play as they do through the age-old reading and writing methods. Play learning can teach a child many valuable life skills such as decision-making, problem solving, communication, interactivity, delegation, fairness and sharing to name a few.

Construction toys, building sets and science kits are at the forefront of educational toys for kids. The psychological drive behind these types of toys engages a child's thought processes to plan, design and construct a working or moving model that has a specific function or outcome at the end allowing the child a sense of achievement while expanding on their boundaries of creativity.

Construction Toys For Children – Some Of The More Popular Ones

Electronics Kits by Logibloc – These are among the most creative educational toys that can stretch a child's logical understanding far beyond their years. These sets have won awards from the Good Toy Guide, Dr Toy's Best Children's Products and the Parent Choice Awards. Ideally for children aged 7 and over, it teaches them how to build circuits, light sensors and security alerts and includes an inventors manual detailing lots of fascinating projects for them to follow along to.

Real Construction Deluxe Workshop or a Wooden Construction Workbench Toy- Your child's inquisitive nature is enticed and developed when engaging with any kind of wooden design toys, helping them to decipher and explore simple construction skills. These sets come with a selection of work tools, fixes and a tool belt (just like a real builder), including a hammer, saw, a square angle, screw driver and a hole cutter.

Of course there is also the age-old favorite, Lego. Nowadays, they have become a little more advanced and complex than they once were with varying recommended age ranges on different model sets. The success of Lego has seen it pass through many decades and genres now, crossing over many trends with their themed sets for popular movies, shows and characters that are around at any given time. Many sets can now come with moving parts such as wheels, connectors, axles and bendable joints that easily and firmly together.

Construction toys come in all sorts of shapes and assortments, such as Galt's Super Marble Run where an intricate network of tunnels needs assembling together in order for the marbles to roll down. Connecta Straws comes with building rings, wheels, connectors and flexible straws for young children to design their own range of interesting models. Gizmos Building Blocks, creating ingenious movable structures or even preschool construction sets and so on.

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