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Common Snakes Species To Keep As Pets

So you’ve decided to get a snake as pet and now you’re wondering what kind of snake to get. There are many species of snakes that make good pets for those new to reptiles. For beginners, starter species are recommended as these snakes are generally quite easy to care for and feed and they are also fairly easy to tame.

These snakes are also do not need to eat often, although you must be prepared to feed other animals to your snake, and most of them need whole prey such as mice and rats.

There are four important criteria to consider when choosing a snake as pet:
1. Average adult size
2. Temperament or behavior
3. Feeding habits
4. Health in captivity

Of course, there are dangerous species of snakes including venomous snakes and large constrictors that are definitely not suitable for beginners.

Here are some of the snakes species that suitable for beginners:
Corn Snake
The species name of corn snake is Elaphe guttata. Sometimes are also called as Red Rat Snake. The called corn snake, because they have a maize-like pattern on their bellies that resembles corn.

Corn snakes make an excellent and popular pet snakes especially for beginner, since they are relatively docile, reluctance to bit, moderate size (they rarely grow to over six feet long, averaging just over five feet) and easy to handle and care for. Corn snakes come in a wide variety of color and patterns with names such as snow, pewter, blood red, candy cane, creamsicle etc.

There are a wide variety of kingsnake species and subspecies, and many of them make good pets. The California kingsnake (Lampropeltis getula californiae) is one of the most common types of pet snakes in general, and one of the most popular kingsnakes among keepers. Other kingsnakes commonly kept as pets include the grey-banded kingsnake, the Florida kingsnake, and the mountain kingsnake varieties.

Depending on the species, adult kingsnakes will average between four and six feet in length. They can be tamed easily, they eat well and they do well in captivity. And because of the wide variety of species and subspecies of kingsnakes, you can get a pet kingsnake with many different colors.

Ball Python
The species name of Ball python is Python regius. The “Ball” name derives from their habit of curling themselves up into a tight ball when they are nervous or stressed; they hide their head inside, pulled firmly into the center, and not move for long periods of time. Ball pythons are curious and gentle snakes.

Ball Pythons make excellent pet. Their inexpensive price, good temperament and long life spans make them one of the top-selling snakes. If you choose ball python as your pet, buy a captive-born one to ensure you will get a healthy, established eater and a snake already used to contact with humans.

Recent years, captive breeding projects have developed several interesting color varieties which all share the same guidelines. Buying ball python from a reputable breeder will also ensure that you will get the help and advice you need to make your ball python feels comfortable and secure enough to eat after you bring it a t home.

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