Cleaning a Laminating Machine – Help!

If you own a laminating machine at home or in the office, you should know the proper care and maintenance for the machine to ensure that you get maximum performance from the equipment.

Laminating machines are the best way to protect important documents, most cherished mementos, and identification cards properly protected. You can even utilize laminated items to start a scrapbook, it’s cheaper and you can choose what interests you.

Like most other machines, it is important that you know how to properly clean them. Here are a few easy ways on how to clean the equipment.

Before you start cleaning the laminator, it is necessary to read and understand first the operating manual to make sure that you are aware what you can and you cannot do while you are using the machine. The operating manual also contains tips and guidelines about the proper cleaning of the machine.

One more thing, before you start the cleaning process, make sure that the machine has been unplugged from the electrical outlet; and make sure that the machine has cooled down before even attempting to touch the machine.

Then, there might need for you to take away the laminating pouches that were stuck on the machine rollers. By activating the reverse function of the laminator will help you get rid of the pouch films on the roller. Consult the manual if you need to remove the machine’s cover for easier cleaning; the manual also contains instructions on how to properly remove the cover.

It is important that you handle the machine only once it has been unplugged and has cooled down. You can either make use of an abrasive pad or even any used clothing to clean the rollers. You can also make use of the cleaning solution you use to clean your windows. You simply need to dip the pad or piece of cloth to the cleaning solution; you can then use it to clean the machine rollers.

Remove the deposits of excess pouch films from the machine rollers. If you still want to check out cleaning solutions specifically for laminating machines, you can also do so.

Once you’re done cleaning the machine, it is important that you let the rollers to completely dry out first before cleaning them for the second time, only now you will only use a clean piece of cloth. Make sure that the rollers are dry even before placing back the cover of the machine back.

If you are not that confident yet to do the cleaning yourself, you might want to ask the store attendance where you bought the machine for some cleaning tips. Furthermore, you can call the machine brand’s customer service hotline to guide you in the cleaning process. There are cases when laminating machines have varying ways of cleaning them that is why calling your brand’s customer service hotline is a great idea. Also, not all laminating machines require liquid cleaning solutions; still others have specific cleaning solutions.

If you aren’t sure how you can go about cleaning the machine, do not attempt to do it on your own, lest you want to cause damage to the machine. If you really want to learn how to clean the machine, you can ask an expert technician to guide you on the process so that the next time you can do it yourself already. 

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