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Christmas List Toys for Boys

Wondering what the best Christmas gift idea for boys would be? It’s a bit challenging to look for a Christmas box for boys. Unlike girls, boys’ interests are more unpredictable. But if you keep to the toy section, there won’t be any wrong turns when choosing his Christmas present.

But times have changed, and this year, there’s something you should know about Christmas shopping for boys: toys today don’t refer to the robots and remote control cars of the past. There has been a massive technology shift in the recent years. And now, boys are more interested in gadgets for their Christmas list!

Take the FLIP MinoHD Camcorder 2ND GENERATION 120 Minutes for example. This is a breakthrough product: a camcorder packed into a really small size. This is now dubbed as the sleekest handiest video camera recorder in the world and would be suitable for anyone’s Christmas box. Despite its small size, it has a pretty big memory at 8gb.

The FLIP MinoHD Camcorder doesn’t have an extra slot for a memory card, which saves you from having to buy an additional card. Don’t worry, 8gb is enough to store 120 minutes of HD videos – that’s more than your boy can handle in one shoot.

If you buy this pocket cam while Christmas shopping, which sells for about $160, you also get the FlipShare software, which makes it easy for boys to e-mail, edit clips, and make movies with their recorded material.This is a great gadget to give boys as their Christmas present this year.

This is a good start in teaching them to cherish special moments and also to cultivate their creative and artistic sides. The FLIP MinoHD is great for teenage and even younger boys. You never know, you might just be getting him a Christmas gift idea that sets him on the path toward the film and multimedia industry.

You can also encourage boys to get into music by putting the Power Tour Electric Guitar onto that Christmas shopping list. The Power Tour Electric Guitar is an electric guitar designed to make it easy for the young boys to learn how to play the actual electric guitar. It also has volume controls so boys won’t play it so loud. This makes a Christmas gift idea because it’s inexpensive but is a great techie gift that can be very beneficial for boys.

But wait, are you Christmas shopping for a serious gamer? Boys who are serious gamers would prefer something like the Xbox 360 more than the Wii in their Christmas box. The newest Xbox 360 model is a mean 250gb model that will keep boys extremely busy.

Or perhaps he would prefer the PlayStation 3 as a Christmas present, the latest much slimmer model of the phenomenal gadget hit. This costs about $300 and offers 1080p output resolution for an amazing display. It is 33% lighter and 36% slimmer, making it more energy efficient and yet more powerful in terms of specs and features.

This won’t be just a Christmas list gift for boys but a gift for the household and for the environment. If your electricity bills have gone up since you got the previous PlayStation models, well it’s time to upgrade the boys’ favorite toy.

FLIP MinoHD Camcorder 2ND GENERATION 120 Minutes

Xbox 360 Console

PlayStation 3

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