Choose a Good Dog Breeder & Avoid Puppy Mills and Pet Stores

Many people looking for a new puppy have nothing but good intentions. They buy from a good breeder, or at least what they think is a good breeder. But how can you really tell where your puppy is coming from?

The Truth about Puppy Mills, Pet Stores and Backyard Breeders

The definition for puppy mill is the "breeding operations in which dogs are repeatedly bred for financial gain and are kept in substandard conditions" (SPCA). Sounds pretty straight forward but the reality is much harsher than this.

Dogs from puppy mills and backyard breeders are:

· Kept in dark enclosures with very little lighting
· Unable to escape extreme heat and cold
· Rarely see sunlight
· Live among their own feces and other dead dogs
· Sick; their eyes ooze, their legs full of soars, their coat full of ticks
· Always hungry as they are only fed the bare minimum to keep them alive
· Are bred every single time the female goes in heat
· If lucky, are euthanized humanely, otherwise, cheaper methods are used

It is important to note that pet stores that sell puppies are included in this category because they buy their "stock" from puppy mills and backyard breeders so making them equally guilty.

Do you really want to support this type of inhumane treatment towards dogs?

While you might not actively support this cruelty, many people are often mislead when it comes to purchasing their puppy. Pet stores are deceiving! They are usually the number one carrier of dogs from puppy mills. They rely on impulse shoppers who see a cute young puppy through a window and make a quick decision to get one. You might think that you are saving a puppy but the reality is that you are condemning a mother to producing another litter in unimaginable conditions.

Source by Peter Madrid

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