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Child’s Play – Are You Stifling Your Child’s Creativity With Branded Toys?

Developing a child’s creative thinking should be as important to parents as developing their academic skills. Actually, it should be more important. The academic skills naturally fall into place when other areas are developed.

What is creative play?

Basically, creative play is any play that let’s your child be imaginative. It can be fostered through encouraging pretend play or make-believe activities. It does not have to be limited to arts and crafts and should be the main focus of all play activities.

How can branded toys effect your child’s creative thinking?

A branded toy is not imaginative. If you want to see just how stifling a branded toy is to your child’s imagination, just take them to a toy store. Chances are, if you hold up an Elmo doll and ask your toddler what it is and what it’s name is, they will tell you it is Elmo and any activity they plan for this toy will be based on the brand. This toy will never be anything but Elmo to your child.

Now hold up a non-branded toy and ask them to give it a name and your child’s imagination will kick in and he will give it an imaginative name and a make-believe story behind who this toy is. The next time you ask, you will likely get a whole new scenario. Because the toy is not branded, your child can picture or make-believe it is anything he wants it to be.

By creating an environment where your child can let their imagination run wild, you are allowing them to develop skills that will carry them through life as a more tolerant individual with great problem solving skills, negotiating skills and the ability to be adaptive in any situation.

Creative play is very educational and encourages free-thinking. It is the free-thinkers of the world that create change, innovate new ideas and technology and become the leaders of the world. If you stifle their creativity with branded toys you will limit their imagination.

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