Caring For Your New Cat

If you have decided on getting a kitten, you will soon understand the responsibilities that come with it, such as devoting adequate time for your pet, pampering it and making sure that you take care of any cat health problems that may occur. Since different cat breeds have different characteristics, you should try to learn as much as possible about the specific health care needs of your pet.

There are especially around forty cat breeds in the world which are recognized internationally. Although there are a lot more sub breeds present, these are not cataloged officially. It can be quite easy to differentiate between the long haired and short haired cats. Some such as the British Short hair, Abyssinian, Burmese, Havana brown, or the American Short hair breed even have their own unique characteristics that allow them to stand apart from the rest. Persian cats, Siamese cats, Maine Coon etc are some other pedigreed varieties of cat breeds, among others. Although most domestic cats do not look alike, they are usually not categorized into different breeds.

Caring for specific cat breeds require knowledge about that particular breed. However, there are some common things that every cat owner can do. To begin with, keep a close eye on your pet's health during its growing years. Kittens are prone to infection, fever and other cat health problems during their initial years. You will have to give it proper nutrition and seek medical attention the moment you find something amiss. You should also keep your pet engaged in various activities and make it feel comfortable and secure. Even after your kitten has grown up, stay alert to note common symptoms of cat health problems so that your pet lasts to enjoy a healthy life.

Breeding is another important issue that requires special attention. Since some cat breeds are unsuitable for breeding as the process may put the cat's life at risk, you should get your pet neutered if your cat belongs to such breeds. Neutering the female can also prevent many cat health problems such as uterus infections and cancer at an advanced age, while neutered males show lesser aggression and violence.

You should also take your pet to a vet for regular check ups. Since symptoms for some cat health problems can often be difficult to notice, such regular visits to the vet can help you deal with problems, if any, at the right time.

Source by Flora Westbrooks

Raising Your First Kitten

Raising Your First Kitten

Bringing your first kitten home is exciting and you are about to open up a whole new world with your new precious pet. I'll never forget the day I bought my first kitten home.

As a child I never grow up around cats really as my dad was super allergic and even a small amount of hair would swell his eyes and throat shut. So I never considered owning a cat myself.

One beautiful day in May, I was doing some shopping and saw a sign about a local pet store near that that was closing and of course they were having a blow-out sale to try to sell everything before closing their doors. Little did I know that after walking through that door I would fall in love with one of the most beautiful creatures that I could and would welcome into my home. A Bengal! It was love at first sight! He was striped so beautifully and that precious face melted my heart. After at first hearing the cost I was taken aback and had to really think about it. After a few minutes browsing through the store after telling the store owner I needed to think about it, he (the store owner) approached me and made me an offer I could not refuse.

So I bought everything I needed from the store. Litter box, a few cat toys, some dishes for his food and of course that precious bunch of fur in a box ready to go home. Tigger (as he was so named because of his stripes) was so scared !! I felt so bad and just wanted to comfort and cuddle him! But he was not going to have that. I am almost positive he was traumatized in some way.

Bringing him straight in the door and then introducing him to the house was a new struggle on it's own !! Nothing like bringing a puppy home which was the only thing I was really familiar with (between cows and horses).

Tigger was skiddish and very cautious about his new surroundings as he had to get accustomed to the smell of a German shepherd who was one year old and very rambunctious. As he ran downstairs to the basement (where I strategically placed his litter box and installed a cat door) he found his safety in the corner behind the washing machine. I also added a small blanket that my dog ​​slept with so he would get used to the smell of her.

He did not want to come out of the basement for almost a month! Even trying to coax with trips and toys I could not get very close. It took time and patience and I made sure to respect his space. Finally one day he crept upstairs and came out to me in the living room. Gave me a little purr and curled up on my lap. I was amazed! He had finally warmed up to me and trusted me after all that time.

A year later I was offered another kitten who I of course welcomed with open arms and the process was so much easier with him! I now have two very happy cats that absolutely love their momma. Even though it took time to learn and understand them I would never go back and change a thing. My advice though is if you are a first time kitten owner take the time to make sure that your kitten you want to bring home is not so scared of you and if you do have one just take time with her or him and show them love and respect so they learn to trust you.

Source by Ellie Villeneuve

Beautiful Ways for Remembering Your Pet

Beautiful Ways for Remembering Your Pet

Do you, or have you ever had a pet that you have loved as much as family? I remember when I was younger we always had pets. One of the hardest things that I ever had to end was when one of them had passed away. For our family, we did not have any type of big ceremony when they passed away; we typically buried the animal in our backyard with a homemade cross. This was our way of honoring our pet and it was a means for us to remember them. I remember once, my grandmother had a dog that she loved a great deal. When he passed away, she had him cremated and then buried in a special cemetery for pets.

Special Pet Jewelry and Urns

In recent years, I have discovered that there are other, special ways for people to honor their pets. In today's society, there are a long line of pet urns and jewelry that are on the market. These have been specially created for the storage of the remnants of beloved pets that have passed away. The great thing about many of these different urns is that they come available in a broad range of sizes, shapes, and designs. These urns come with accented paw prints or in simple and elegant designs. One of the great things about these urns is that some of them come in shapes, such as hearts, that will make the placement of them on a shelf or a mantle appear as nothing more than just another tchotchke. Other pieces, with more elaborate designs, are very symbolic of the dog or cat that has passed away.

If you are like my family and me and love your pets, when the time comes for them to pass away it can be a very difficult situation to deal with for your family. You are stuck with the grief of losing a pet that was more like a family member. Depending on your family, and how you want to remember your pets, there are a number of different things that you can do. You can do as my family and I did, and bury your pets in the backyard, or have them entombed at a pet cemetery. If you would rather have a more physical reminder of your pet, then you can look into purchasing a pet urn. There is also the option to get memorial jewelry for your pet, or get pet scattering urns so you can scatter the ashes of your beloved pet in a location that you loved to take them.

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Why Consider Cat Breeding

Why Consider Cat Breeding

Reasons to Take Up Cat Breeding

-Love of Cats. For cat lovers, the choice of becoming a cat breeder is an obvious one; you love your cats and you want to make sure that a certain breed (or breeds) continue to be shared with the world so that they can enjoy them too! Cat breeding also gives you the opportunity to be around cats on a regular basis, and get paid for it! A pride in all things feline can do you well in this business, as those you come in contact with will more likely than not assume that you are a cat lover, or at least a feline admirer.

-Doing Your Part for a Healthy Future. If you have a love of animals, you will know that many times animals that are bred for profit are done so at the expense of the breeding animal's health. By taking up cat breeding, you can make sure that the cats you breed are given the very best quality of health care and that the kittens have a warm, loving environment before they are sold.

-Breed Pride. If you are a true connoisseur of cats, chances are that you have a predisposition towards one or another breed of cats. It is only natural that you should want to continue the species and to make sure that you do your part to keep the species viable and sometimes to even add better genetics to the line.

-Breeder Pride. Taking pride in being able to provide exceptional stud services or in the high quality kittens your female (s) produce is a good motivating factor for anyone who is looking to take up cat breeding on a full-time basis. Being able to take pride in a job well done is a great motivating factor in any undertaking, but in cat breeding it can make the difference between a job and a career.

-Pure Profitability. Cat breeding is a rather lucrative business regardless of whether you are renting out stud services, or bringing your females and selling the kittens. If the genetics of your kittens is of high enough quality, you can sell them for a significant profit to loving homes.

Cat breeding can be a phenomenally challenging, but also an incredibly rewarding activity. For some, cat breeding is a way to make money, for others it is simply a way to ensure that a particular breed (or breeds) of cats continue to be shared with the world, while for some it is simply a way to work with and be around their favorite animals on a regular basis. But regardless of the decision behind your choice, it is not worth the time, effort and energy you expend unless you can really find joy in what you are doing.

Source by Virginia Moore

Top Reasons Why Pets Should Live Indoors

Why do we acquire pets? Is it for their companionship, their unconditional love, or to make them a member of our families? Consider the definition of a pet:

1. A domesticated animal kept for pleasure or companionship rather than utility
2. An object of the affections
3. A person especially loved or indulged; a favorite

Based on the above definition of a pet, it's all these reasons and so much more! But what about the pet's needs? Are we concerned with or prepared for what it takes to love and protect a defenseless pet? There is no definition for the term "outdoor pet", just as there is no breed describing an "outdoor dog or outdoor cat". A pet as it is defined above, is not meant to live a life of solitude relegated to the outdoors day in and day out! In fact, pets tend to live shorter lives when bound to the outdoors. This is especially true for cats.

A cat that lives his entire life outdoors has a life expectancy of three years or less. Compare that to the cat that lives inside and may live 10 – 14 years or more with good health. Beside constant exposure to the elements, a cat is vulnerable to other dangers as well. Because they are not as easily confined outdoors as a dog is, cats are subject to injury and disease from other animals or abuse from people.

Dogs that are confined outdoors become lonely and bored. A lonely dog ​​can ever become unhappy, unruly, or destructive. This happens because his emotional and physical needs are being neglected. These types of living conditions can make a dog anxious and aggressive. Many of these pets end up being surrendered to Shelters because their behavior becomes intolerable.

Pets that live their lives outdoor require more food than indoor pets. The extra nutrition is needed to protect them from the elements, especially during the cold, winter months. As these pets age, chronic pain can become an issue as age-related conditions such as arthritis, are made even worse by harsh outside conditions and sleeping on hard surfaces.

Our pets need the companionship, love, and attention of their human families to live happy and healthy lives. They are completely dependent on us for all their needs, physical and emotional. Is it mere coincidence that we share some of these same needs and that those needs become the very reasons we seek the companionship of a pet in the first place? Not corresponding to our definition of a pet.

Source by Debi Mallon

Different Types of Cat Furniture Worth Looking At

Different Types of Cat Furniture Worth Looking At

Like other pets, cats also have furniture fixtures for added convenience and comfort. If you have cats at home, certainly you often get frustrated looking at every new scratching marks on your furniture pieces and the smell of their urine and poo in some areas of the house.

Having pets at home is advantageous because it will bring joy and companionship to members of the family. However, it requires lots of effort on your part because some of them have specific requirements and needs that should be provided such as food, shelter, specific diet, good grooming, sanitation and special supplies.

At present, there are lots of pet fixtures that give additional comfort and convenience to your furry friend. By buying cat furniture pieces, you can avoid dents and scratches on your furniture pieces. If you are one of the numerous homeowners who are worried about scratch marks on your sofa, table, and cabinet, then these items are the best remedy to prevent further damage. By having cat furniture at home, they'd be able to have something that they can call their own and which they can play around often.

Cats are not destructive by nature, but they scratch the legs of the table or sofa to sharpen their claws and leave a territorial mark. Pet furniture is an avenue where they can release their stress and tension instead of denting your furniture pieces.

With myriad pet supplies in stores, nothing is more daunting and frustrating than to find the perfect item for your feline. Do not get frustrated because you can find an item suitable for your feline.

Your furry friend is playful by nature and they love to stretch, scratch things and graze their claws from time to time. If untrained, they can pee and poo anywhere, thereby leaving your home stinky and smelly.

However, it is not that easy to buy the right supplies for them. Most ofen, you'll find it confusing to decide what items are needed by your feline.

Suggested pet furniture supplies and pieces:

– Litter box – The perfect waste disposal product for them. By training them to use the litter box, you can prevent the awful smell of their waste in your house.

– Food bowl – A suitable item where you can place their food.

– Cat beds – A comfortable place to relax, rest and sleep comfortably.

– Cat trees – A perfect item to play around, chase each other and climb up and down.

– Scratching posts – A preferred item to sharpen their claws instead of your furniture fixtures.

– Cat carrier – A must-have item for safe transport of your furry feline to the veterinarian, to the grooming shop and during travel.

– Cat stroller – A suitable equipment to house your furry friend when going out for a walk or taking a stroll in the park.

– Cat condos – It is an ideal resting place for your feline. At present, there are different styles and types of condos to choose from. You can find one with rooms, beds and scratching posts all in one.

With the different supplies mentioned above, you can select which items are needed and provide added comfort and convenience to them.

Source by Ella Hall

What Are the Best Pets For Children?

What are the best pets for children? If you have a child, getting a pet for them can be one of the greatest things you can do for them, as it will allow them to learn about animals and also learn about the responsibility of looking after a pet. But it is important to get the best pet for your child.

Cats make great pets because they tend to mainly look after themselves. They just need feeding and their litter tray to be cleaned, but apart from that they do not need constant attention, yet they are so cute and cuddly and most children will love having cats around.

Dogs tend to be more demanding, needing more constant attention, and also needing to be taken out for walks. This will take time out of a child's day, but in the long run the child will learn more about the responsibility side of owning a pet.

For children that live in small apartments where space is more of a factor, smaller pets might be more ideal. Goldfish are very simple pets to look after, and do not require much space. Birds are another option, as they can be kept in a cage to stop them flying around too much. Rats are easy to care for, although some children might not like the idea of ​​owning a rat. If that is the case, then maybe consider getting a guinea pig, as they very sweet natured and also easy to care for. However, one thing to remember with Guinea pigs is that they have a high need for vitamin C to prevent scurvy.

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What Are the Longest Lasting Cat Litters?

Let's face it: cleaning out cat litter boxes is not much fun. Almost equally dreaded is dealing with the pungent smells of a cat litter box that has run its course and needs fresh litter. We feel that these are the two most important criteria that most people look for when shopping for a cat litter: how long the litter will keep cat waste smells in check. In fact, we receive more questions about these attributes than any other. People want to know the simple answer: What are the longest lying cat litters?

Before we get into our choices, let's break down what make a cat litter long lasting. There can be great variation in litters, from the materials used to the clipping ability (or lack of them) to the intended purpose (multi-cat, single cat, long-haired, kittens, etc.). So what is the common theme we have seen in the cat litters that last the longest?

What trains do long lasting cat litters typically have?

Ability to hold moisture

Moisture is litter's worst enemy. Once the granules are fully decorated that is when they begin to break down, releasing all of the odor that they have stored and making for a huge mess during cleanup. This is why litter manufacturers do extensive research to find materials that can hold in a lot of moisture. Some of the best moisture retention materials are clay, wood pellets, and some crystals. Many of the natural offerings can struggle with absorption, and are rather intended to simply remove the sections that your cat uses as needed.

Clumping ability

Clumps are basically prisons for odor. A proper clump will form a physical seal around cat waste, holding in both the moisture and extremely the smell. While this is something related to moisture absorption, there is a great variance in the clumping ability from one product to another. Some products may retain a lot of moisture, but have very soft clumps that easily break apart while other examples may struggle with maximizing fluid retention but form super hard clumps.

That being said, there are a lot of non-clumping litters that still do a very good job of odor retention, but they will typically have an overall lower litter box life if you are doing your proper maintenance on the litter box in regards to removal clumps.

Scent masking

A good alert that it is time to replace the litter box is clearly when the smells start to creep out. Because what good does great clumping litter do if the litter box smells awful? Like the other parameters, there can be a huge fluctuation in how well a particular litter performances in the odor department. However, there tend to be some common trends on materials. Crystals, for instance, are oftentimes leading the pack in their ability to hold in smells. This is followed by crystal / clay hybrids, then clays, and finally the all-natural (wood, corn, etc.) usually come in at the bottom of the list.

This does not mean that you should automatically throw out the idea of ​​going with a corn or paper pellet litter. They can have their own benefits in regards to being more affordable, better for the environment, more comfortable for the cat's paws, less tracking, etc.

There are some other minor metrics but those are the big three variables that seem to play the largest role.

Other Variations outside of the Litter

While we wish these were the only considerations you need to have, that simply is not the case. There can be many fluctuations in regards to your cat (s) that can have a huge effect on the effectiveness and extremely the life of a given batch of litter.

Number of cats

Obviously, the more cats using a given litter box the shorter period of time it will be sustainable. More cats mean more waste, more tracking, and less time in between uses to let clumps really harden. In addition, some litters are optimized for multi-cat households and will see an added boost in these environments but may struggle compared to an optimized single-cat litter, and vice versa.

Temperament of cats

Cats can be very individualized in how they use their litter box. Some have a favorite "spot" that they constantly go to, while other will meander all around the litter box. Some can be very finicky, kicking and tracking litter all over the place while others go in, do their business, and go out. While this might seem like a minor thing, they can have a huge impact on the performance quite the life of a litter. Some litters need an hour or more to fully seal a clump, and having a cat constantly kicking litter around can really hurt performance. Other litters may really struggle with having a highly concentrated area of ​​waste but do much better with a consistent layering around the entire box.

Cat diet and digestive process

For those that have had multiple cats, there is sometimes one cat that seems to have much stinkier and messier business than the others. This could be due to their diet or simply to how they process their food. Some litters will do better with cats that have more solid waste while others will thrive with more liquid waste.

How long is "long lasting"?

So when we talk about long lasting cat litter, how long are we talking about? As you may suspect that can depend on the variances discussed above, but we have found that in many single-cat scenarios a good and compatible litter can last upwards of 2 weeks or more before issues of smell start to arise. For multi-cat boxes a week and a half is a good metric to achieve.

So what is the longest lying cat litter?

As we have shown there can be a lot of various inputs that go into making a litter long lasting, both directly and indirectly related to the litter itself. So now the important question: what is the best? Which one lasts the longest? Unfortunately, there is not a clear-cut "best" but we do have some choices that we have determined to typically be leading the pack in terms of performance. As with many things to do with your pets, we encourage you to shop around and try some different products out and see what bests for your particular scenario.

UltraPet Crystal Clear Litter Pearls: This is one of our favorite crystal cat litters, and has some of the longest performance life of any we have come across. This is mostly due to the phenomenal odor control ability that it is. That being said, it is actually surprisingly absorbent for a crystal cat litter as well. It is a great choice if you are willing to pay the premium price. It is available in 7-pound bags, is comprised of silica gel, and is available in the premium-price tier.

Cat's Pride Fresh & Light Ultimate Care Premium Unscented Hypoallergenic Multi-Cat: A combination of great clumping and good odor control means that this product should keep your litter box odor free for 2 weeks or more depending on circumstances. It does require a bit more maintenance in regards to clump removal but if you stick to that you should be very satisfied. It is available in 12-pound jugs, is comprised of clay, and is available in the mid to premium-priced tier.

Tidy Cats 24/7 Performance: Super effective clumping is to thank for this product's efficient odor control. It is a great long-term solution for those with busy litter boxes. It is available in 14 and 20-pound jugs, 27 and 35-pound pails, and 23, 27, and 40-pound boxes, is comprized of clay, and available in mid to premium-price tiers.

Precious Cat Ultra: Some of the best clump ability per dollar you will find, this is a good solution for those on a tight budget but do not want to skimp on long lasting litters. It is available in 18, 40, and 80-pound bags and 40-pound boxes, is comprized of clay, and is available in the budget-price tier.

Fresh Step Extreme Odor Control Unscented: The tight small clumps that this product creates are great at locking in odor and prolonging litter box life, meaning day after day of smell-free litter. It is available in 20 and 25-pound boxes, is comprized of clay, carbon, and antimicrobial agents, and is available in the mid to premium-priced tier.

World's Best Cat Litter Lavender Scented Multiple Cat Clumping: One of the best performing all-natural cat litters on the market. Despite what can oftentimes be a weakness, this product comes through and provides a super long litter life while being better for the environment. It is available in 7, 8, 14, 15, and 28-pound bags, is comprised of wood fiber, corn kernels, and lavender oil composition, and is available in the mid-priced tier.

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The Fashion-Oriented Chihuahua Clothes That Small Dog Owners Are Buying Right Now

The Fashion-Oriented Chihuahua Clothes That Small Dog Owners Are Buying Right Now

The fashion world is one of extremes, and when it comes to clothing for dogs, it's exactly the same. Chihuahua clothes are distinct from most other types of pet clothing in that they are usually more stylish and fashionable than what you'll find for other, bigger breeds of dogs. In fact, the majority of small dog clothing has more of this fashion-slant than most other types of pet dog clothing. Taking a look at the clothes for dogs industry in general, you'll see the contrast to these smaller doggie clothes: the larger clothes are designed with more of the practical interest of keeping the dogs comfortable. But smaller dog clothing like chihuahua clothes are usually purchased by owners of little breed puppies to keep their little bundles of joy not just warm, but also stylish and current with the changing pet fashion world trends.

Chihuahua accessories for these little dogs take this even further. Now, owners can browse the chihuahua dog clothing shops on the internet and they have a myriad of accessories for small dogs and other pet fashion options available to them. They can buy the chihuahua sweaters and coats that keep their dog warm, or they can splurge on the more fashionable outfits like the chihuahua dresses.

For little doggies, the chihuahua booties are a very popular fashion option right now. Since the release of Beverly Hills Chihuahua and chihuahua dog owners got to see Chloe strapped up in her little doggie booties, these hot fashion accessories for your chihuahua's feet have been selling like crazy in the online chihuahua boutiques.

Today, as I mentioned, I notice that a lot more chihuahua owners are splurging on stylish, cool pet clothes for their little dogs than they are the more practical outfits for chiwawas. Chihuahua dogs sporting clothes for smaller doggies and designer dog coats can almost always be spotted up in these more flashy dresses and elaborate dog clothes designed to please the eyes more than sooth the body in cool weather the way the chihuahua dresses and sweaters do.

There are people who appeal that these chihuahua costumes and fleece dog coats are hilarious but that they're not quite for their dogs, and this makes sense because clothing for chihuahuas can be a bit weird and unusual and you can not take it too seriously if you're going to "get it". But for those chihuahua owners who can take chihuahua clothes at face value and not too seriously, many really enjoy wearing their tiny dogs in chihuahua clothes and enjoy the chihuahua fashion affair they live, with their little doggies! Chihuahua fashion is more for fun than anything else!

Source by Mikey Davis

Pets and Environment

Pets and Environment

Do you have pets in your home? Do you have children in your home? Did you ever watch your pets interact with the family. Did you ever notice your children acting the same way under the same circumstances? Keep Reading.

What is so amazing about studying your pets is the fact that children and even adults act the same way under certain circumstances. When you take your pet; for instance, your dog, out of your family home and put it into a virtual strange home, even though your dog is a little familiar with the home owners, many different types of scenarios can happen.

When a dog that is loved by its owner is taken outside its circle of security it can become confused, wrinkened, and want to run for a small safe place to hide. Even getting your dog to eat or go for those necessary walks can be a real hassle.

Now think of taking your child, who is love and secure in their home, bedroom and with you their parent. You want to give this child a special treat to go stay with their aunt, cousin, grandparents but the child is not that familiar with these people. Also, these people have never invited your child to stay in their home for a day or longer. The child can become frightened, confused, and want to crawl into a safe spot away from everyone.

Getting the child to come out of its shell and interact like a normal child can take days weeks and even months. The reason is this. They are out of their comfort zone. They are out of their safety zone. Away from their parents and home. This is where they fill safe, loved and content to live their everyday life. There life is not interrupted.

Now you wonder why when you decided to take a trip and took your dog or child with you they acted so strange. When you finally returned home they were so happy to be in their home and room that they became the loving pet and child you remember.

If you really want to study the behavior of your children and why they act and feel so different about some things you can not understand why this is, study your pets.

Thank you for reading this article. Please feel free to read any of my other numerous articles on various subjects.

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